Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ten pin

Right this will be just a quickie . Had a great workshop today. Ultra thick embossing techniques. I always love the technique classes the best. You leave with a tag book to reference and a wealth of information to call upon. Had a bit of a hairy moment when we blew the power but that was quickly rectified.

We have one of the biggest ranges of Ultra thick embossing powders and they are manufactured here in the UK. To see them all click here. I stand at shows demonstrating this all day long and I never tire of it . It is always so magical watching it transform.

I am typing this while listening to my Northern Soul as usual. But this time with a difference!!! Yes I have installed i-tunes!! (OK OK it was the Goddess not me, I confess) But this means all my music is with me wherever I go - cracking!! Yes I know I am way behind all of you but its eeeexxxxxcccciting !! Because normally whichever CD I want its normally at the studio not home or vice versa.

SHOE WATCH c,mon it is cold !!!!- so scruffy dusty old Uggs.. How dusty are they today.
Hopefully have a fun pair on tomorrow. I am going ten pin bowling tonight so will try and remember to take a photo of them. Mind you think my date will probably think I have gone barmy!!!! lol Well shoe watch is more important isn't it????

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Bobs said...

I love all your UTEE's. Such a fab idea to have them each on a tag!

I also LOVE ten-pin bowling with a passion! Hope you have fun and get loads of strikes!


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