Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Latest Ranger

Whey hey after 40 Min's of trying it has finally let me in to post this!!! Do others have this problem or is it just me??? Maybe I am not such a technological computer whizz after all. I will package up the certificate and send it back straight away and apply for a resit at a later date!! lol.

Well I cant believe its nearly 11pm. Where do the days go?? At this rate I wont be getting a day off (cries quietly in background, whilst stamping foot). Never mind I,ve got lots done. finished all the samples for one of the christmas card workshops. Using silhouette christmas stamps on my favourite pearly,inky backgrounds.

Nearly finished an alcohol ink masterclass for Simply Cards and Papercrafts. Have been having fun inking all of Tim Holtz,s Idea-ologie hardware. Its great if what you have doesn't match your project just make it a colour that does! Cant show you what I have been doing in detail but heres a few sneaks. SSSHHH don't tell!!!

Talking of Tim Holtz,s new products , I just thought I would share with you this pic of my personal stash, which i keep behind my desk.

Only kidding, Ben would pass out on the spot if I whipped that much stuff!! Its actually part of the Ranger wall in the shop. Looks cool doesn't it. I love it when its all displayed as one , and I keep going in and stroking it all, lol. (I know you all understand exactly where I am coming from). Mind you at the rate its flying out there wont be any left to stroke!!!

Two of my personal favourites are the word keys and the keyholes. Absolutely flipping fandabbidozi!!!!

Just heard that the cover stamp I designed for Craft Stamper will be back with me on Friday ready to make samples. Cant wait!! I am always so excited waiting for new stamps to come. You would think that I had grown out of it by now wouldn't you???


Bobs said...

I don't think I would ever get used to the excitement of new stamp arriving ..... or any new stash!!
Love the look of the Ranger wall! Wow. I see three masks I've ordered and they look fab, fab, fab!!

Oh, and one more thing .......

no shoes????



Mrs Wonka said...

ohhhhhhh the christmas cards are yum yum pigs bum.........so sad that i won't see you and emmeister at the weekend........ x

Veronica said...

Ohhhhhhh I would be in heaven if i could stroke that stash all day - I would never get any crafting done lol.
Love the sample cards - great colours and very effective.

Vron xx

Sam said...

Hmmm those keyholes are lush!! Does that label say £7.99? Is that for 5 keyholes?

Dylan said...

Yup they are lush arent they. I think thats a great price the quality is really good

Bobs said...

What can I say but wowowow for the super-duper-uber-speedy delivery of my order!!!
I'm thrilled with everything - including the gorgeous wrapping.
Special thanks for the 'extra' too. How absolutely lovely of you!


Dylan said...

its a pleasure babe. We try!!

chrisg said...

Oh wowzer... how do you keep your mits of that load of stash LOL ... The keys and key holes are just soooo 'must have'
Loving the cards too...shame the 'net' cant give us the full effect of the pearlies though.
Thanks again for sharing Dyan

Creative Crafter UK said...

Oooh, wow! Love these!

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