Sunday, March 1, 2009

The return of the Mojo

Well I definitely found my mojo yesterday. After doing the tutorial for the blog I went on to complete another 11 pages in my Art Journal. Once i started i just couldn't stop. Some I like, some I don't and some I just absolutely love lol. Here's one called Dance , Monkey , Dance. Its all about how the show must go on. You need to plaster on the smile and give them what they want. Every body has been so kind and understanding and I class many of them as dear friends, but ultimately I am running a business and therefore I am there to perform my duty.

Today's class was absolutely fab. I couldn't ask for better students. I honestly believe that I have some of the nicest students in the whole of the United Kingdom. It means so much to me the caring and compassion that so many have shown me, and their kindness knows no bounds. I came away today with my arms overflowing with bouquets of flowers and my heart overflowing with gratitude!!

Not sure if you can tell from these photos but they are all sucking on lollipops, that's one way of shutting them up isn't it?
Can you see Antonio on the left covering her face. It was her birthday yesterday, she was 15. Yayy!! Happy Birthday to you babe.

Have you seen the mess they make when they are working lol.

Today we had merged beginners and intermediate groups together, so to break them in we did a double journal page. This has been a favourite of a lot of the students for a long time , so we used it as a starting point.

Here's some of the finished results, how different do they all look?

Some close ups. We all agree that Cath looks like Aggie off the telly and how cool to find a photo in a magazine.

Flowers galore and book page leave
I taught them (well dragged them kicking and screaming lol) how to hand draw the vines and leaves and they all, without exception, did a fabby job. Love Antonia's butterfly.

How brave they are all getting , now including their own hand writing, way to go Teresa
And check out these fab leaves from Jayne.
Here's some more pages.

Just look at the expression on Sara's grand daughter. Attitude or what?? loving the pink leaves.

If you don't agree with the quote then just make it your own like Anne, lol
Not sure how Twiggy got in there Jeanne. Loving your leaves.

Check out Su's stamped background.

I thought they all did a fantastic job and it seemed today that everything just clicked.
One of my students Kate is a fab artist and often needs no guidance at all , she is just content to play around with all the goodies and create stunning masterpieces. Hop over to her blog HERE to see some of her work
The lovely Jeanne (aka Chocolate lady) Brought a lovely personalised gift. A mini pocketed tag album.

She wrote me a lovely note inside and filled it with piccies of my fave things. Here's me spooning extra thick double cream, straight from the tub!!

Here's my toffees and my Northern soul.

She even found a rare photo of Wigan Casino, the mecca of the 1970s for all us Northern Soulies.
It is very rare that people go to so much trouble to make things especially for me, and I cannot tell you how honoured I am to receive them. There is nothing better than receiving something that was made especially for you.. To know that someone has taken some of their precious time to make something especially with you in mind is overwhelming. Thank you darling I love it to bits.
Little bit of news to cheer us all. Lovely Julie and her talented daughter Ellie were unable to make today's class. Julie gave birth on the 20th February to a baby girl Eden Phoebe, 7lb 11oz. Congratulations to Brian and Julie, that's four gorgeous girls at the last count. Ellie you are already a fab older sister and I am sure you will continue to be so. I want to see fabby journalling pages about this when you get back to us. Hugs and kisses from all of us to all of you. xx


Unknown said...

Wow what stunning journals everyone is producing x So glad that everyone is being so kind to you - though how can they not when you are such a fantastic person xx Still thinking of you all lots big hugs Janet x

Annette said...

Absolutely fab journals - I just can't wait!!!

Will be thinking of you tomorrow.


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