Friday, March 20, 2009

Tag ,you're it.!!

Well the lovely Sue from Spain tagged me yesterday. The idea being I had to take a photo of myself there and then. No brushing of hair or touching up of anything. Well I read this at about 1.50 this morning whilst sat in bed. Very glamorous I,m sure wearing my Rusty Pickle scrapping T-shirt!!! You can tell I was on my own in there cant you lmao. Look at that sticky up hair, no make up!!! Not so long ago there wouldn't have been a cat in hells chance of me rising to the challenge, but seeing as I have spent the last 4 wks looking like a bag of s**te, I figured one more photo wouldn't matter lol

In fact this is probably the best I have looked in all those four weeks!!!

Now all I have to do is pass this on... I get sent a lot of Blog awards and I always feel awful because I don't know what to do with them lol. But this one is easy, I just have to tag 5 more people to do the same. So here goes...

Got to be the gorgeous Kirsty Wiseman who pulls the gurniest face at the best of times. She can do this standing on her head lol.

Next its got to be Zoe, the lovely Mrs Wonka, for no other reason than it will give me an excuse to go pester her loveliness.

Next its my old roomie in America, the Ranger chick, Wendy Vecchi. C,mon girl you can do it lol

The next tag is for a great friend of mine who has just sold her business to become a crafter again. Oh the joys!! Its the gorgeous Sue of Paper Paradise..

And last but not least, a new friend Cal. Now this is one completely bonkers chick who will definitely be up for the challenge.

So go check out their blogs shortly and see if they are playing ball or not lol.

Me and the Goddess have spent all day making kits ready for the Fabby Dabby weekend which got off to a flying start tonight. Everyone is always quiet on the first evening, its a mixture of tiredness, apprehension and the unknown!!! But it never lasts and quickly deteriorates lol

Normally the wine usually sets them off, but not tonight, it was watered down nearly all round. Now there's a first.

Need to show you a couple more pressies. Marie has travelled all the way from Cambridge and came bearing dress patterns. Yes you heard correctly, dress patterns. I love them and they will come in soooo handy as I am planning a beeswax collage class in the near future. Watch this space!!

Christine brought more goodies for my survival basket. A baby handbag sized bottle of Bailey,s and four chocolate cups to drink it out of. How cool is that ...??

Well it would have been rude not to try it out , don't you think. . . . ??? You place the cup in its own little case, fill with Baileys, knock it back and eat the chocolate cup. Yayy!! that's my kind of shots. . . . .

And finally , my great mate, Little Julie, bought me this heart pendant. Its a silver heart broken in two and crudely stitched back together with wire. That's still how I feel, I know its there and I know eventually it will almost heal itself. But for now it feels as those its only big tacking stitches that are holding it all together. One jolt and it could all collapse . .
See you tomorrow for more weekend fun and frolics. xx


SueC said...

Hola Dyan,
Good on ya girl! Bl...y he.l you even look good when ready for bed!!If it makes others happy to pass on a bit of fun then that's got to be good.
The gap in your broken heart will get smaller slowly - my gorgeous lovely Dad died two and a half years ago and I still speak to him every day. I miss him loads but know he is still there with me and mine.
hugs Sue xx

Carole Bryson said...

I just love that broken heart how fitting for how you are feeling at the moment. Just remember that those giant running stitches have an end that will be pulled over time to join the heart backup. xx

Ha ha ha ha ha ... great challenge - photo taken, just need to get it downloaded later !

Just wish that at 6.30 this morning I looked as good as you !

Carole Bryson said...

Done !

(the blog that is) :)

Carole Bryson said...

I hope you explained to your class of pupils, that I have had a very very hard life (i've done one of your classes) and that those aren't really grey hairs, just not-washed-that-day blonde highlights !!! PML !!!!!!!

Ann said...

Hi Dyan

I have just seen a great tip to help you with your nails and get more sleep! Once they are done put a drop of olive oil on each and wrap fingers and toes in clingfilm - this apparently stops them smudging, and from the demonstration I have just seen, it works.

Talking of sleep, (well I know we weren't, but I will!). Sleep and dreaming helps the brain make sense of what is happening in our lives, and helps us to heal.

Take care,

Derbyshire Annx

Paper Paradise said...

You have such lovely thoughtful friends....... The little gifts are all beautiful and so meaningful too.

Wish me and my Grimsby gals were with you an your weekend, one day soon eh? Well that's if I ever forgive you for tagging me!!!!! Only kidding, it's all good fun.See you soon Dy,
Sue x

Siobhan Brignull said...

the heart pendant is gorgeous, you have obviously got some lovely friends to look after you, sorry that your heart is so broken at the moment, one can only hope it will get better in time, this blog must surely help as its so catharthic !!! (lol) to write down your feelings, wishing you more smiles tomorrow, Siobhan

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