Thursday, March 12, 2009

Box canvas and box of tricks

Ok news of another workshop. ALTERED CANVAS Tues 24th March.

Claudine Hellmuth's new studio line range of paints from Ranger are fabby. I Have raved about them for ages and now here's your chance to find out for yourself. We will be altering a shaped block canvas with collage, stamps and paint effects. I know you think you can't, but trust me you CAN!!!

I absolutely loved creating this piece of art., and the photos do not do it justice at all. I tried my best but the just don't show the richness of colour at all. It is about 12 x 12 in. If you wanted to try out Claudines Studio line then here's your chance.

Had a fab surprise today. My friend, the lovely Kay, came to see me at work today and brought me a "survival" box of tricks. It was full of all my desert island necessities. All the little bits and bobs that make up my strange world

1. white lilies


3. double cream

4. mackerel in tomato sauce

5. candle and holder

6. Pistachios nuts

7. roasted brazil nuts

8. frankfurters

9. new journal

10. train noises ( don't ask )

How cool is that. Thanks darling , I know I cried but I love it and really appreciate your kindness. xx

Thought I would show you another journal page. This is made with the new stamp sets from Tim Holtz.

We have 2 more dates for journal classes. The first is a new beginners day on Wed 1st April for all those of you just dying to give it a go but don't know where to start.
We also have the next intermediate class on Sun 5th April.
You all seem to be loving the Art Journal classes as much as me. I find it sooo therapeutic and I am sure it will be a great help when the healing process finally starts.
I am running around like mad, it is the Mini Ranger weekend and I have 15 ladies all champing at the bit waiting for Sat morning to come around. The amount of equipment needed for this workshop is unbelievable as we go through check list after checklist. Everyone needs approx 70 tags so that's over a 1000 to be cut in the morning. Any takers for that job..??
Need to go now as its 12.40 and I have to meet The Goddess in Asda at 7 am to do the grocery shopping for the weekend. Its so quiet at that time of day and all the shelves are fully stocked. So it is almost a pleasure. Ooh what am I saying it is never a pleasure is it. Emmi obviously cant wait. Roll on.... lol


Sacred Yoli said...

Oh, I love that Boxed Canvas. So purrdy! You really scored with that box of "tricks" too.


Debo said...

Dyan, you are so obviously very,very,very loved!
I wish I lived close enough to visit your shop and take part in your inspiring workshops, and to get to know you in real life - you are a very special person.

Anneliese said...

love the box canvas ... & I'm one of your ladies champomg at the bit lol :D ... SO can't wait ! .. But 70 tags each ??? WOW !!! roll on 7pm tonight when we set off :D

thekathrynwheel said...

Noooooooo! Omigod! I can't believe you are doing the box canvas with the Claudine paints on a day when I have to go to work. How can you do that to me?! Kate :-)

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