Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tags of texture

Lovely busy class today . Mind you it was a trek for everyone to find the way in. First they had to brave the sheet of glass that was masquerading as a car park. Then they had to find the alternative entrance around the side of the building ( my entrance closed due to asbestos removal!). Then after climbing 4 flights of stairs and trekking along unknown corridors they finally made it to a welcome cup of tea ,ready to start work. today's workshop was Tags of Texture and I have to say these pics don't do it justice. It was full of paint effects and little tricks of the trade.

Ha ha I didn't let them have lunch until nearly one o'clock as they had soooo much to do.

Messy aren't they??

They were working so hard they didn't have much time for snacking. I have never seen this many biscuits left at the end of a class!!

Just thought I would put this pic in of the tulips that Emmi bought me last Sunday. Yes 6 days ago!! Can you believe they have lasted this long ??

Right I am going to put the kettle on my bezzie Kirsty is due to arrive any minute. She is staying at mine ready for her class tomorrow and I just know it will be a late one!! I'll report back later for sure.


borgqueen said...

I want to say that the tulips survival has propably been helped by the warmth of the studio... but that would be rude, especially as the last time I was in there it was toasty ;o) Class looks fab. Cant wait to get up there again, I've missed my fix xxx

Paper Paradise said...

Looks like it's been a lovely clas again Dyan. It was the last day at my shop today and me and my three mates are so looking forward to seeing you and Tim on Thursday now I have some spare time. Must get on a class with the talented Kirsty soon too, say hello to her for me. See you Thursday. Sue x

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