Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Muffins and Movies

Today was Craft Day. Oh yes , I couldn't go for a nice normal workshop to gently break me back into work could I?? No it had to be Craft Day!! 6 women doing the Accordion Frame book, 2 women doing the Memories Frame, 1 doing Pop Star Album, 1 doing B&W Album, 1 doing Art Journal Cover and 1 decorating canvas's. Phew!! Plus me running around in a daze. lol. But we had a lovely day together with some stunning results.

Warm welcome to new ladies Su and Jean. They are already on the Favourites list for rocking up with homemade muffins. Cool eh?

Mind you they didn't last long!!

Su is obviously an avid reader of the blog because she also came prepared with these little beauties.

Is that a Kurt Gieger logo I spy?? Oooh going a bit green with envy.

Big, big thanks to bezzie Su who ran around after me all day, making tea, finding equipment and mopping up tears. Unfortunately she has developed a permanent trail of snotty snivel on one shoulder. Maybe I should balance it out a bit and cry on the opposite shoulder for a change.
Had a meeting with the priest this afternoon to finalise arrangements for mum. He is a real old fashioned Irish Father and he is lovely, we even had him singing ( way out of tune) the old Catholic hymns, so we could pinpoint mums favourite one. What a star.
Tonight I had 2 of the regular children's classes. They are in the middle of Art Journalling and it is fantastic to see how they are blossoming. I am unable to journal at the moment, I sit down but nothing comes out. I wonder if it is that secretly I am frightened of what might come out! I have prepared a new journal especially so I am ready for when the creative urge finally arrives.
Just wanted to mention that if you haven't already done so you need to hop on over to Tim's blog, where he has a video blog of his trip to Europe. Surprise , surprise I feature in it , knowingly on our mammoth shopping expedition in Leeds. And unknowingly (cheers for that Mario!!) in my shop where I am filmed mispronouncing guacamole and telling Tim to Bugger Off in a broad Yorkshire accent!! Such decorum lol.
You also need to check out the new video on the Ranger site itself by He who must be obeyed the lovely Alain. Yes you heard correctly Alain stars in a 9 min video showing the use of Grunge board, Adirondack dabbers, Distress Ink pads and Tim's Idea-ology range. He does a really cool job and you can hardly tell how nervous he was. I have just one more comment - if he thinks hes coming after my job, he can BUGGER OFF!!! LOL


Diane.W. said...

Sounds busy & fun!!! :o)x

susie f said...

Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!
I came armed with a list of things I wanted to buy, but after class left with loads more, sanding, inking, gesso, BLUE glue...who knew?! Am now lying in wait for the papers that Ben was unwrapping to sighs of ooohs and aaahs from the assembled crowd!
Was great to meet everyone and thanks to your bezzie Su for the tea and laughs (and it was her fault that I was stood on a chair!)
Glad that the sock marks from the hastily removed boots (at Su's demand!) didn't show in the shoe pic :)
I'll be down again on preview day to book my next fix, and I'm also getting in line now for one of the B&W book kits (totally lush!)
Many thanks, see you all soon.

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