Monday, November 8, 2010

Warm knickers and good books, what more could a girl want...?

Oooooh , how frikkin cold is it.??? I don,t normally feel the cold but I think I might have to put Sunday to Friday's knickers on all at once.!! I've even got the heating on. Wtf.??? Mebbes it's because I am sat here playing with Christmas images from the lovely Lily at The Octopode.

The first is a 5 x 7 hanging board

Spray inks - Dylusions, Cyan, Fuschia, Amber
Paints - Dylusions, red, orange
Christmas images - Octopode Factory

I just love that the tree is standing on it's tippy toes

This is a page in my large Ledger Journal, I started it last week and had put it to one side.

Spray inks - Dylusions, Hot Pink, Cyan
eye D22
snowman - The Octopode Factory

So I dragged it out again about an hour ago and this is what it looks like now.!!

More Christmas images from Lily's brand new Christmas sheet
stamps - Dylusions, wings-Ruby Rainbow, corners-Tallulah Tripp, hats, right up your street and Love Struck Lucy, spider-Bits and Bats
And the quote just jumped up and smacked me right between the eyes. What could the snowman be talking about.?? The caterpillar, the spider or the precariously placed scissors, lmao !!

And heres another completely meaningless Journal spread

Spray inks - Dylusions, Post Box Red, Amber, Granite
Mica Pearl inks - Dylusions, Burnt Orange
Stamps Dylusions, Borders-Around the Edge (sorry completely sold out and awaiting more.!!)
spiders and birds- Bits and Bats, leaf hats-How does your Garden grow
Bunting 7gypsies Paddington collection.
Humpty Dumpty and quote - magazines

Oooh need to nab those eyes for my collection. Freaky or what.??

Forgot to tell you yesterday where I get my audio books from. I belong to a Club (?) were I pay a monthly fee and then take my pick of books. There are thousands to choose from and I download them directly to itunes and over onto my i phone. Takes about 5 mins and then you can start listening. I know you can buy Cd's etc, but this is so easy and I can listen everywhere.

Heres a list of what I have in my download library.

Stieg Larrson - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
                        The Girl who played with Fire
                         The Girl who kicked the Hornets nest
Lisa Unger - Blackout
Jodi Picoult - Handle with Care
                    Harvestin g the Heart
                    House Rules
Elizabeth Gilbert - Eat Pray Love
Dreda Say Mitchell - Geezer Girls
David Peace - 1974
Stephen R Covey - The 7 habits of Highly Effective people
                               The 8th habit
Tess Gerritsen - Girl Missing
 Karin Slaughter - Genesis
                            Skin Privilege
William P Young - The Shack
Eckhart Tolle -The Journey into yourself
                       Realizing the Power of Now

So what do you think.?
Can you analyse me from that little lot.?
Anything in there that surprises you.?
Answers on a torn bit of journal page to the usual.!!

Enjoy xx


Kaz said...

It's bloody cold down here on the south coast too - i've got a lovely fluffy scarf round my neck!!
Love those pages. Keep warm xxx

Fliss said...

Hi Dyan, just had to jump in here with my first comment although I've been stalking your blog for a while having found you via Dee Faux Painter (we both on the Polka Doodles DT).

Really loving your quirky artwork but what prompted the comment was actually Stieg Larsson as I read the first rapidly followed by the others as these have to be the best thrillers I've ever read!

Will have to try and get hold of some of your fab inks as I'm a background DIYer when I'm not Polka Doodling!

Fliss x

Red said...

Do you really want me to analyze that little lot ? ? ? *lets her glasses fall down her nose, stares sagely over the top of them, pursing her lips purposefully at Ms Reaveley, whilst using her best kitchen table voice*

Love you more that toffee mallow ice cream x x x x

Sandra Hall said...

My favourite is the Humpty Dumpty page...but I do love those Octopode eyes!
The book list is very interesting...I'm sure some psychologist would find it fascinating too... but I think it reveals your eclectic ALL things hehehe....x x x

Piddawinkle said...

arent those octopode images just yummy, what a talented girl you found for us all to spend more money on, Ive been back twice since the first visit and now she keeps uploading new ones, arrggghhh, love your pages as always, :)

YorkshireKaren said...

Just saw The Shack on your book list Dyan, hope you like it. The story line stays with you for ages, but make sure you've got your hankie ready!

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