Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall.......

Well I had a bit of a design overload at Chez Reaveley, last night. Or should I say this morning, as it was 5.45 when I finally put down my pens and scissors and crawled into bed. The Babe always says that my hands keep on cutting in their sleep a bit like Edward Scissorhands. Maybe I should rename myself Dyan Glue stick fingers.? Doesn't have quite the same ring about it does it, lol.?? So I am writing this whilst still in bed, all nappy haired and bleary eyes. I would like to say that of course my natural beauty is still shining through and I am the epitome of an English rose.!!! But unfortunately I can't, lol. Ahh well, we can only dream. I remember the days when I never came in until about 7 in the morning, 30 mins sleep, quick shower, bit of slap and 2 Pro plus and I was back at work looking as fresh as a daisy, lol..!!

Two more Ledger Journal pages.

Paints - Dylusions, purple, pink
Stamps - Dylusions, vines-Around the Edge
 - Dyan's downloads - glasses D22, neckerchief D28
all other images - magazines

Paints - Dylusions, red orange
Spray inks - Dylusions, Post Box Red
Mica inks - Dylusions, Mica Pearl Burnt Orange
stamps - Dylusions, vine-Around the Edge, leaf-Tallulah Tripp, bird and hat-Bits and Bats
Dyan's downloads - glasses D22  , hands D24  , neckerchief D28  , Quote D20 
Other images - magazines

Ok, that'll have to do for today as I have got a million and trillion things to do before the kids class tonight. I would like to spend the morning preening and transforming into the glamorous creature you have all come to know...!!!!( Ha ha frikkin dylusional or what..???) Instead it will be quick shower, under eye blackness concealer, lots of bronzer and a large bandana for my hair.  And before you get all confused, that says BANDANA and not BANANA.!!

Enjoy xx


olive said...

oh I thought banana sounded better! love your pages Dy... I remember those days of in/out shake it all about... havent got the energy now lol!!!! keep safe. Ciao xx

Sandra Hall said...

I can see the wonderful creative nature that IS Dyan Reaveley here...such fabulous pages - I'm liking those spectacular spectacles that keep appearing!
See you soooooon! x x x x x

Craphty said...

And breath! Colours are fab+ love the pages. Smell the flowers. Hope to see you Sunday bit iffy on crutches following an intimate relationship with the pavement last Sat. X C

Chris said...

Fab fab fab pages Dyan... can't wait to get my downloads so I can play :D

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