Friday, November 26, 2010

Never judge a book by its cover....

What do you think of that little lot.? Not exactly inspiring are they.? But believe it or not, that is where most of my creating is appearing at the moment. They are the 3 journals thatspeak to me and call my name. Appearances can be deceptive, can't they.? I never decorate the covers of my journals until I have almost completed them. I prefer them to appear anonymous until the very last minute

Heres some sneaks of the insides.

This is my baby journal, made from my Dad,s coveted Algebra book. My Dylusions stamps are launching in America in January, and this journal is going to be one of my show samples.

And this is my large ledger, which goes every where with me, even though it is now starting to weigh a ton. Not sure if they will allow me to take it on as hand luggage, but I would be mortified if it went missing, so there is no way I am putting it in the hold.

From the photos it is extremely difficult to gauge the sizes of the journals. They probably look similar sizes. Heres the ledger journal, with a ruler at the side of it. Its about a foot tall.

And heres the two journals together, big difference yeah.? But I do enjoy flitting between the two.

Of course, they aren,t the only two journals on the go at the moment, they are just two of twenty eight. Yup, you heard me correctly, I currently have twenty eight journals in various stages of completion, lmao. Well you know me, I have to have everything.!!

I,ve had a few comments this week about my choice of pages on the blog, and people seem to think that they were all prepared at the same time, and I was obviously having a bad week, lol. They were, in actual fact all journaled at different times. The Babes pages were all done 5 - 6 mths ago and the others at various intervals to present date. When I pick the pages to blog, I tend to group them by mood, and go back through all my journals. I have hundreds of pages, as yet unpublished, to choose from, and this weeks choices just seemed to be really appropriate.!

Heres a mixed bag from the Ledger.

Dylusions paint - yellow, orange green
Dylusions spray inks - vanilla custard
Umbrella stamp - Dylusions, Ruby Rainbow
image - magazine

Dylusions paint - yellow, pink
Dylusions spray inks - Hot pink, velvet
Dyans downloads - face D  , Hat (roof) D  , legs D 
Rub ons and canvas tags 7gypsies
all other images - magazines

Dylusions paint - black, red
Dylusions spray inks - Post Box Red
Dyans downloads - hat D  , hands D  ,
white pen - Ranger Inkessentials
all other images - magazines

And I need to post this little beauty...

Oh yes Mr T himself has gone into the world of epic film making, lol. How cool is that video.?? Its like sitting down to a Hollywood block buster. Cecil B DeMille eat your heart out..!!

And so , what you have all been waiting 12 long months for - starts again on Tues. Oh yes, it's the 12 tags of Christmas. Yayy.!!! Loads of you think that I have insider knowledge of what T!m will be doing and what products he will be using. well you would be wrong there.!! And even if I was privvy to such info, I am that dizzy I would have forgotten anyway, lo. But to be perfectly honest with you, even T!m doesn't know what he will be using. Contrary to popular belief, they are not all prepared and made up before hand, he  gets inspired, makes it up as he goes along, each day, with The gorgeous Mario stud muffin photographing all the stages, including the bloopers, along the way. The result is as much of a surprise to T!m as it is to the rest of us, and that is part of all the fun. I hope you are going to play along with us all. I am sure Our Ben will putting daily specials on of the products used, but don't worry yourselves, the idea is not to copy T!m's tags, by the book, but to improvise and use whatever you have to hand.
And speaking of the man himself, we finally managed to co-ordinate ourselves long enough to have a good old chinwag about alsorts of things. But the main one to interest you all is, wait for it......

Yes we are finally finalising the workshops in February. You should all receive the important info and registration opening within the next 7 - 10 days. Fingers crossed it will be sooner. If you haven't signed up for the news letter yet you need to get all over it like a rash, or you could miss out.

The project is , of course, fabbydooduishous, but if I told you , I would have to kill you, so best not. Lmao.

Enjoy xx


Jamboree said...

Congrats on the product launch for the U.S, they will love it!
Thanks for sharing your journals - love your use of colour, and the detail on the image with the skull. Must give my self a kick to have at least one journal going of the arty variety, more organized.
ty for sharing :)

An Zeelmaekers said...

its amazing what you do... i love it. On this moment its not posible for me to order the stamps and... cause i have only American express :( So i will find a friend ho will help me whit her visa!
i like to try the things you make my fingers need some artist work

Sam said...

Great pages, love the one with the skull and the cool DM boots!!Your art journal books are fab. Fantastic Tim Holtz video, it really did feel like a hollywood blockbuster trailer!

chrisg said...

<> ... Dy I NEED to see those journals in real life to stroke and read and drool over them (not literally drool on them but you know what i mean LOL) .
You are such an inspiration - I bought 3 old cash journals earlier this year (same size as yours and a pocket sized one) and I LOVE working in them but I have a long way to go before they look as scrumptious as yours. There's a few pics of mine on my blog but dont get too excited LOL. I cant imagine you lugging that large ledger around everywhere - mine ways a ton now and It is no where near as full as yours so I cant imagine the weight of all the additional collage pieces - you'll end up with a hernia LMAO.
But seeing the beauty of your journals has been the inspiration for me to slap more paint and spray ink on and get even more creative. Thanks your sharing your scrumptios journals with us. I LOVE THEM.

Kaz said...

Oooo those journals look so fab and colourful. I'd love to have a rummage through them. That skull with specs is brilliant! xx

Salamanda's Scrappy Adventures said...

Thank you for continuing to inspire. I used your quote of the week to create a mixed media collage on my blog now). Just wish I could find the inspiration that creates such amazing pages.
I drooled at Tim's video too.

Piddawinkle said...

those journals look fab and launching in the US, check you out :)

Chris said...

28 journals on the go!!! Now that's what I call dedicated.. and makes me feel even more a novice with my
No wonder you always have amazing pages to share with us... gonna have to get me some more books to journal in :D
Love the old look of the books and I bet they will look amazing when you decorate the covers when you are finished filling them...WOW
Chris xx

Dina said...

You. Are. Awesome.

Rhayne said...

love the chillin' skull :o) I heard your stamps will be coming out over here and about peed myself!

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