Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fancy a challenge...?

9 new downloads are now available to purchase online.  Yes  I know thats an unusual number, but you know what I,m like by now, lol.

D29 is a "can't get hold of enough numbers to play with" solution. all black and hand doodled in white, perfect for every occasion.

D30 is the matching alphabet, with extra vowels

D31 hand drawn and doodled christmas words

D32 more hand drawn and doodled christmas words

D33 really into birds agaiin at the moment and heres some christmas beauties.

D34 these look like they are singing carols....well they do to me, lol

D35 hand drawn and doodled alphabet, thats a doddle to cut out. Looks fab printed in black and white.

D36 alternative christmas sayings, perfect for my type of tags

D37  and a few more

Dont forget once you have downloaded them you can alter the size shape or colour to suit your artistic interpretations.

So......are you ready for a challenge...?? As we all know T!m's twelve tags of Christmas start tomorrow, yayy, can,t wait to see what he comes up with this year. I was wondering what I could do. Tim suggested I do a journal page a day, but that could end up as a full time job, lol. So after racking my brains, I have come up with the perfect thing

Every year I always make the Advent Calendars with the drawers, you know the ones, out of matchboxes. Every year they get whipped by one or more of the kids, lol. Well this year I have made a double decker of one. I made a small one from normal matchboxes and a large one from the jumbo matchboxes, a bit like a dormer bungalow, lol. 24 drawers in each.

The top set of drawers are all numbered 1 - 24 for the advent and each one contains a charm.

The bottom set of drawers all contain a variation of downloads - a Christmas quote, a Christmas word and a bird, all placed in randomly.  The idea being I take a random large drawer and the appropriate numbered small drawer, see what I get, and make a Christmas tag with it, that fits in the large drawer.  Oh and I'm not going to spend a great deal of time on them. That way I end up with 24 tags at the end. Its a sort of backward advent -giving rather than receiving.!!

 This is the first set I have to play with. Got an idea straight away, lol.

Sooooooo do you fancy playing along? If you haven't got an advent set of drawers take 4 boxes or bags
and fill them as follows:-

1 - 24 tokens or charms
2 - 24 funny Christmas sayings
3 - 24 pictures of the Christmas birds
4 - 24 Christmas words

everyday, without cheating, pull one out from each bag and make a tag with your findings. You can use anything else you fancy, paint, ink, papers, stamps, whatever floats your boat. But you MUST use 3 of the 4 items for your tag to qualify. Oooooh strict aren,t I.? Dont forget, no cheating, and no longer than 15 mins per tag. I,m sure you can all spare 15 mins, can't you??? 

Let me know everytime you make one, hopefully every day, lol, and I will put a link to your blog on mine. Lets get some real blog hopping going on in December, and spread some Christmas cheer. I have designed the challenge to be a bit of inexpensive fun, we may all be skint, but we can still have a laugh.

So expect to see my first one tomorrow and daily, after that.

Now you need to pop over to Kates BLOG where shes made a fabulous art doll with my downloads.

Right methinks I need to go to bed and dream of all the delights that T!m will be astounding us with. Just had a tweet from Mario to say he T!m is going to start creating his first creation in an hour. The countdown has begun.......

Enjoy xx


thekathrynwheel said...

Oooooh. Can't promise one for every day (seeing as December is the season for Christmas productions and carol services!) but will definitely try to squeeze one or two in! x

thekathrynwheel said...

Ok, done and blogged! But I accidentally missed the word off. Am I disqualified miss?! x

borgqueen said...

Kate has done one already.....nooooooo!
It's fab kate - I've cut out my downloads and am ready to go - just praying the snow keeps people healthy and well so I have time to play with them ;o)
The phrases so make me laugh...

patcrafts said...

Ordered some downloads this week Dy but they have not arrived, can you check it for me please. I have your Round the world journal and will post it to you tomorrow I got a few other people to do a page for you.
Hugs Pat x

DGgirl said...

Have just ordered some downloads - had to go back after first order to order more! These are going to solve so many problems for me!

Thanks all


Siobhan Brignull said...

brilliant idea Dyan, will try and join in where time allows, dont think i can stick to 15 mins, Ill spend that long just looking at them with a stumped look on my face, LOL

Carole Bryson said...

Ok ... i'll have a go too, its just that my memory is crap ... could you not phone me to remind me ?!!!! ha ha ha !

I'll try my vely best !

Muckypup said...

Putting in my order for downloads now and can't promise every day either, but will certainly give it a go....Praying for a snow day tomorrow so that I can get started..

Sandra Hall said...

Hmmm - a challenge I might just have to join! I am snowed under both literally and figuratively
(I hope you're LOL at that pun!)doing the next essay but I will have an excuse to play for 15 mins every day! Going to get the downloads now.... x

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