Friday, November 5, 2010

New things to play with.....

Thanks for all your really positive comments for little Sadie Boo, they mean sooooo much and really make you put everything else into perspective. She started her chemo today, so the long journey has begun.!"!

I,ve had a major visit from the Mojo fairy this week and have designed and journalled my little head off. Big yee hah for middle of the night creativity, don't you think.???

I have 10 new downloads for you available in the shop. Yup 10, how cool is that.?? I get asked a lot to make downloads of this and downloads of that, but I'll let you into a little secret, I make the downloads that I really need and can't seem to get elsewhere (well maybe not all on the same page).!! Thats why they are such an eclectic mix, from quirky quotes to big heads!!  If I can't find what I want then I have to make it, and hopefully you'll like it too.

We start off with 3 sheets of wierd and wonderful sayings. I always like to add a quote that is totally irrelevant to what I,m doing. The first one has such gems as

"I don't like you, you're very ugly and you've no manners at all" and

"My bridgeworks come out in the lamb chop!"  HERE

Sheet 20 includes

"see that your tackle is in order, leave nothing to chance" and

"would you mind toasting the crumpets"

Sheet 21 includes

"theres mighty queer things going on in this town, mighty queer" and

"what will Mrs Gubbins say?"

Sheet 22 is large eyes and glasses. It is very rare thatany of the figures on my journal pages have the eyes they started off with. Wonder what the psychologist would make of that, lol.!!

Sheet 23 tons and tons of small eyes and eyewear.


Sheet 24  I can't draw hands for toffee, look at my stamps, no hands to be seen. So heres a motley selection. My fave has to be the skeletal hand, lmao.

Sheet 25  the doll bodies, love, love, love.

Sheet 26  oversized heads, with altered eyes of course, lol.

Sheet 27 creepy crawlies are always the perfect, quirky finishing touch.!!

And Sheet 28 More hats and neck ties than you can shake a stick at.!!

And here's some of my pages.

Paints - Dylusions, blue, green and white.
Stamps - Bits and bats, Doollaly Dorris, How does your garden grow, Tallulah Tripp, and Love stuck |Lucy.
Down loads - words D15, bugs D27, Houses DL9,

Paints - Dylusions, purple pink, black white.
Downloads, hands D24, head D26  , Body D25  , arms D24  ,legs D11
hearts - Blonde Moments sugar Dumpling papers

Paints - Dylusions teal black blue and white
Spay ink Dylusions Pearl Mica Granite
stamps - Dylusions, wingsand hat.- Love struck Lucy,
Downloads - Big head D26, glasses D23, body D25, hands D24
all other images - various magazines

Paints Dylusions, blue, teal, black, white
Spray inks - Dylusions Granite and Cyan
stamps Dylusions, Birds and trees- Bits and Bats
Downloads - large hat D28
other images, 7 gypsies Paddington paper and magazines.

 Hope you like them, loads more to show you over the weekend. I've actually got some "me time". Yup, thats right, time off, lol.!! Let me know what you think of them, and send me what you do with them, please.

Okay, a large Baileys and ice is screaming my name from the kitchen and I can ignore it no longer. Well that would be rude wouldn't it..?? lmao

Enjoy xx


thekathrynwheel said...

Woweeeeeeee! I LOVEEEEE your journal pages! Fab fab fab. I have been so busy at work my mojo has buggered off. I need a bit of whatever you've been on hahaha!

Unknown said...

Hi Dyan just read your blog, poor little boo.
will be thinking of you all love you all load's
Giddy & Giddier. yes you might be thinking where the hell have you been, just work lol anyway take care.....

Siobhan Brignull said...

i love the combo of pink, purple, black and white inks, and the take my heart page makes me go oooh for your poor little trampled heart, and I love the heads and the altered eyes and I think ill be over sometime this week for some purchasing, thanks for being so creative and sharing it with us all, mwah :)
and why cant I see word verification its making me go all grrrrrrrrrrrrr

The Scrappy Tree said...

Dy, you have been busy!! Lots of lovely goodies :)

Janice said...

These are looking great. Love the huge glasses!

olive said...

wow plenty to look at in this blog.... absolutely loving the downloads, 'specially the skeleton hands ....OOOhhhhh. great pages as always, enjoy your baileys:) Ciao

Siobhan Brignull said...

its taken a while but I can now remember what was bugging me, WHITE dylusions, is this a tease, is it on its way .. . please say yes :)

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