Sunday, November 7, 2010

How long ??

Well I've had a fabby weekend. Socialising, journaling, dancing, journaling, journaling, journaling and a loooooooaaaaaaad of cutting out.!! There was so much I listened to 1 1/2 audible books which equates to 23 hrs. Ummm mebbes I forgot to sleep amongst all this. No wonder I spent tonight with a migraine, oops.Anyway the 2 books I listened to were The girl who played with Fire, and The girl who kicked the Hornets nest. Parts 2 and 3 of  Stieg Larrson's trilogy. I can thoroughly recommend them. I have always been a voracious reader, but with so little spare time on my hands, it has had to be sacrificed. Art Journaling has a greater pull, greater need, and greater therapy, lol. But now I can listen to the books at the same time as doing my journaling. Yayy for someone as hyperactive as me it is the perfect solution. Sorted..!!!!!

Heres two more Ledger journal pages for you.

Paints - Dylusions black
stamps - Dylusions, wings - Tallulah Tripp
Downloads - D22
all other images and words - magazines

Paints Dylusions, orange, red and black
Mica Spray ink - Dylusions, Burnt Orange Mica Pearl, Granite Mica Pearl
Downloads - face D26  , eye D23  , Hand D24  , numbers ( to be announced lol )
Word stamp - 7gypsies
body - magazine image

Ok, methinks I need a cup of tea.

Enjoy xx


Sandra Hall said...

Fabulous pages Dy - the downloads are going to be a 'must have' I think! And I AM glad you've been socialising... is it a Wallace & Grommit thing?(read between the lines here!) but not so glad you've got a migraine!
The 'Girl with...' trilogy by Steig Larson is brilliant - I couldn't put 'em down - great idea to have them as audio books - I could've saved myself a lot of annoyance when people demanded my attention while I was reading them!
Big hugs x x x

The Scrappy Tree said...

I LOVE audio books! They are absolutely fab for when you want to be doing some art :) and even when you've run out of steam and just want to shut your eyes and listen :)
Gayle xx

Muckypup said...

Nice work - I am loving my paints and sprays, such fabby colours. When will the new downloads be on the website though - I want them NOW!

olive said...

I've all the books....great to have a heroine who is a bit strange! or not! loving the pages, have to invest in the downloads, sometime!! look after yourself. xxx

patcrafts said...

It looks like we all have those books audio or otherwise. Think I must treat myself to some audio books.
Fab journal pages as per normal. Sorry I won't be able to come on Sunday DH is away and no dog sitter.
Pat xx

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