Monday, May 17, 2010

Patience is a virtue..!!!

Ok, finally after 3 days of I will stay calm, I will stay calm, I will stay calm, I think I have solved this months Blogger glitch... Blogger is a fab thing to use , but every now and again it wont work as it has always done. No explanation, no nothing..!!! Really frustrating as you need to persevere and work out a new way.  This time it was with the photos, it would print 2, but when I printed a third it would delete the first two.!! Talk about 3 steps forward 2 steps back, lol.  You nearly ended up with 10 posts a day with 2 photos on each lol.. Any way I have discovered that if you post your photos backwards way round then they stay where you put them. I quite like that quirky way, that you start at the end and end at the finish, lol. My kind of life...

So big apologies to all those who thought I really had self combusted, heres the latest news and snippets in the Art from the Heart world...

First a big thankyou to Cockney Blonde for her lovely pressie and card. She said she saw it and straightaway thought of me .  Aww..

Ha ha , cool isn't it. My own  little pop up western town... Thanks hunny..

As many of you know, my Art Journaling Regulars and I are all participating in an Art Journal round robin. Here are 2 of the pages I have done in the last 2 journals to swing my way. 

This last one was made completely from my new range of downloads.

Think its time for a new challenge, don,t you..?? So here it is. Make something using any or all of the new downloads, send me an image for the blog and we,ll have a fabby prize for the most inventive.. You game..??? Go get cracking then (after you,ve read the rest of my blog obviously), lol.  You will find the downloads HERE . I am already working on the next lot which are reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyyyy exciting..!!!

As you all know I love the clothing ranges of Orla Kiely, and heres my latest wish list...One day I will own an item of hers, honest, its on my bucket list..!!! lmao

2nd from the left is my fave

This is soooo cool

And, yes, I would wear this even though it is pink, lol

I want to move in and live here

How fab is that wall paper, mmmmmm can feel a bit of painting may be called for..!!

The classes over the weekend were great. Saturday saw us all making a multi pocketed book with gorgeous 7gypsies products, it was definitely a hit with the ladies...Saturday night saw me in Blackpool, dancing my little ( ok not so little ) ass off at a Mecca Revival night.  Yayy love my Northern as you all know. Didn,t get home until 4.45 am, and was back for the Art Journaling class at 9am.!!! oops.
But lucky, lucky me, I got my breakfast delivered to me. How cool is that, a bacon butty, with the required brown sauce, personally delivered..???

It was sent from one of my favourite and highly recommended hotels to stay at when you come to one of my weekends, The Alexa House.  Dave and Sandra who own it are great, one of my ladies, the lovely Christine was staying there and they sent the breakfast with them. Obviously I didn,t enjoy it one bit and would have preffered half a grapefruit and a crispbread..!!!!!

Art Journaling was, as ever, a riot of fun and laughter, and the occasional bit of work.  Olive was holding court, and she was hilarious. I am amazed any body got anything done but they did. I was teaching them how to frame pages with collage and they all loved it and picked it up really quickly.  

This weekend sees loads of ladies returning for their 2nd Art Journaling weekend, yayy, can,t wait to see what they have been up to in their journals.

Last night I spent in the company of a dear friend who is going through a real crisis and needed an ear. I answered the call at about 5.30 and popped to see him, and after a while we decided to go up town for something to eat. It was 9.40 and 3 reataurants wouldn,t let us in as they finished at I live in a conference town, where in the centre there are more bars and restaurants than there are shops, and they won,t let you in at 9.40 on a Sunday evening..!!! Anyway he spotted a Bangledeshi restaurant who allowed us through their doors. The food was absolutley fabulous, similiar to Indian, but with really rich flavours.. I will definitely be going back there again. But yet again a late night..!!! So this morn ing I am sooooo shattered, lol, and I still had all the clearing up to do from yestaerday, as I only thought I was popping out for a bit, lol.  But I am always available for my mates in a crisis, you have to be don,t you. Its important, and so many where there for me and I really appreciated it. As my Dad used to say

"Its nice to be important, but its more important to be nice..!!"

I know I,ve been very slack at shoewatch lately ( spending all my dosh on  Vintage Union Jacks, doesn,t leave a lot in the budget, lmao) but I couldnt resist these Gladiators.

Think an early night is called for this evening, crisis and Northern Soul permitting. I,ll leave you with a little modern sound I am rocking at themoment.

Enjoy xx


Jude said...

Loving the Orla - spot on with colours as always.

Also love the new downloads, will try to purchase and play in between packing for leaving on Thursday!!

Haven't had Blogger go funny on me yet but it's only a matter of time, I'm sure!!

What else...bacon sarnie pic has made me hungry,the journal pages are fab, gladiator sandals rock and so does that Dennis Ferrer track - who is the female vocalist though? Really like her voice. xx

Dylan said...

Hi Jude, thanks for your lubbly comments xx The female is the lead singer from The Noisettes, Shingai Shoniwa. I just love her voice. 4 more sleeps..!!! xx

thekathrynwheel said...

Well I had a lovely time yesterday at the journaling class even if the conversation was a little X-rated :-)
Haven't quite finished my page off yet but will be blogging it soon. And yes, I have to post my pics on backwards at the moment too. These little glitches make life more interesting dontcha think?!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

From bacon butties to Bangladeshi food - nothing but the best for your taste buds, mmmmmmm. Love the sandals :)
Anne xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

PS meant to say the journal pages are fantabulous ;)
Anne xx

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Hi there, loving the new downloads, especially the legs. You just can't have too many legs can you, so useful.

I think the evil peeps behind blogger throw in these glitches just to confuse us so they can have a giggle! Not that it takes much to confuse me, even on a good day.

Luv Dee xxx

Virginia said...

Oh I'm snatching time to blog hop before work - now I am mad - ten minutes before I leave but had to come and read this - it's essential isn't it! Love the clothes but would need to be half the size I am to even fit them let alone do them justice (LMAO - actually that would be a great way to get rid of this enormous derriere and a lot easier than watching what I'm eating don't you think LOL). The bacon sandwich made me drool - I'm currently on slimming world which basically puts bread out of arms length - argh!!!!!! The journal pages are absolutely gorgeous as always! Love how you were there for your friend when they needed it the most - the tidying up can wait! The gladiator sandals are gorgeous too! Can't wait for the weekend, saw Sandra and Ann-Marie last night and we all got giddy together! Ann-Marie was showing off the gorgeous doodling she did at your doodling workshop which was absolutely gorgeous! Three more sleeps - need to start finding my journals out!


Little Miss War and Peace

cockney blonde said...

Glad the Western town arrived, lol. I'll expect to see a whole little community, including peeps, next time I'm in, x

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