Thursday, May 6, 2010

I,m starting off tonight with a little rant.... It's not a massive issue, but one that crops up again and again. What is it you may ask. ?? Customer bloody service, or lack of thats what it is. I stayed at work till gone 10 tonight and went to Asda for some bits. I needed baby wipes for the weekend, so picked up 4 jumbo packs, which were advertised at 2 for £8. Cool, till they went through the till at £4.67 each. When I pointed this out I was told, "its nowt to do with me , you need to go to Customer Services." So off I trotted, and waited and waited and waited. After a while I set off to enquire where the staff where, to be told to be patient but that they were busy..!!After another 5 mins I was again told it could be a while as they were EXTREMELEY busy. But by this time, tired, hungry and achey I was EXTREMELEY pissed off, and told them I wanted a manager straight away.!!! They finally found me one who explained to me that night time was not a good time to come for refunds..!!! I hadnt come to bring something back, THEY had overcharged me..!!! Unbelievable isnt it..??  If these big shops are prepared to stay open all night to take our money,then they should be frikkin prepared to provide enough staff to deal with THEIR mistakes... I know it was only a couple of pounds, but I,m fed up of it , it happens all the time, and it soon adds up, doesn,t it..?   Oh no, I,m turning into Grumpy Old Woman, lmao...

Preparations are in full swing for the weekend.
 We are
 and generally being a hive of activity.

But this morning we took a little time out of our busy schedule t visit this shop...  A|ny ideas what kind of shop, lol...

Heres one visitor all togged up and ready...

And look  who else is going to be there

There,,s lots of other outfits popping up over the weekend, but I,m gonna stay tight lipped about them for the moment... Dare you come dressed up and join in the fun..???

I will be wearing my gorgeous nail varnishes that the lovely Jude bought for me. I am going to try nand put a different colour on each nail, but I can imagine I will get in a right pickle, lma...

And heres some more things that will be making an appearance.  Yes the famous cupcakes. Our Ben and the lovely Katie are decorating some as I type...

So after a long, busy day, its lovely to come home to a nice decluttered and relaxing home, yes..????  Err that,ll be a NO, as I am living in flat pack hell. This is all in the middle of my living room...attractive feature isn't it..??? Unfortunately they will have to stay there a bit longer, as I have neither the time or the inclination to fight with them.!!

Right I am off to the land of Nod, in preperation for another busy one tomorrow. I will also be having the pleasure of one of my bezzies, the gorgeous Kirsty Wiseman.... She is one of my little army of make and take instructerors..made up, and she is coming early to lend a hand, make crap tea and generally get in the way and make a right nuiscance of herself...!!!!  Still, she doesn't get out much these days, so I will make an allowance for her, just this once, lmao.

Enjoy xx


Kirsty Wiseman said...

you witch, hope the flat packs have moved by the time I get there otherwise Ill make a coffin out of them for you!

Jude said...

Your front room might look like the Ikea returns department but the preparations for the party look fabulous!! Have a great time. xx

Faerielore said...

wish i was coming, why do i live so damn far away !!!! cant wait to see all the piccies :) xxxx

olive said...

so look who's holding MY clock!!!!! your front room looks like my house does everyday!!! Ciao

Clarky J said...

I so hope i can come on Sunday am waiting for a driver to confirm LOL

Darcy said...

ooo I got all uneccessarily excited at your flat packs lol I LOVE flat packs, espesh from the Ilea of Glee. I have built more bits of Swedish furniture than I care to remember.

Have a super silly and fun weekend.

angie's blogspot said...

OOOOH I love your rug dyan, the colour is perfect for my lounge, just started adding a bit of teal here and there, also I'm with you on the customer service thing, I actually work for asda, and I can't believe where they get some of the staff from, it's all about money and profit, since walmart took over, they neither care about the staff or the customers, if I'd have been there I would have helped ya hun, have a fab weekend x

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