Monday, May 3, 2010

I now pronounce you a pratt pf the highest order..!!!

How about this view..????   It was the one from my patio in Egypt. Not bad eh...???

I love it at this hotel, and this is one of the many reasons why, lol.

Heres another...Its ace when they do this to the towels isn,t it..???

Anyway, enough, back to the real world. I have just spent a  brill weekend in the company of 17 fabby ladies going through the process of Art Journaling. And, I need to say, its a good job it was a Bank |Holiday today, cos I needed it to recover from them, lol...!!!
The fun started on Fri night when Bezzie Su made an appearance, and I gave her the job of cooking the pizzas. Amazingly she didn't burn anything, but that was probably due to the fact it took us 30 mins to work out how to put the oven on, lol.

Here they are on Sat, hard at work...
Pat, Sarah and Diane....Bev appears to be missing, lol...

Diane , Alison and Paula

Penni, Kate, Sheila and Emma

Jackie and Ruth

Lesley, Janet and Karen. And the other Janet who seems to be MIA

It didn't take them long to create this mess..!

Anyway despite all this they did eventually buckle down to work, and they all earned there certificate of Prattology. I can safely say that they are now fully fledged in the art of pratting around....lmao

Enjoy xx


Lynne said...

Gorgeous view from your hotel!! Love the swans...haven't been to many places where they do that, but it's def fun!!

Pizza/oven story is too funny!!! I can see me doing that.

suzyq said...

Hi Dy, it's lovely to have you back, and hopefully a little refreshed from having a break even though it dosen't sound like it was the holiday you hoped for!
The ladies look like they've had fun. Ive now been art journaling for a year, and i would like to imagine my life without it. I love your journaling classes, they are "a little bit of sun shine on a cloudy day", (can you guess what song that's from, I've just been singing along to it in the car)Lol. sue x

Mrs Hedgehog said...

I am very proud of my Prattology. I will display it with pride.
Thanks for a fab weekend.Lx

cockney blonde said...

Had an absolutely fab weekend even though I was cream crackered by the end of it. Learned loads and have already completed a journal page. Off in the van again this weekend armed with my emergency supplies ie. journal pages, mags, pens, watercolours, lol.
Thanks for a great weekend and the birthday cake, xxx

SeasideKaren said...

Thanks for a fandabby weekend Dyan, I have already coloured my well-earned "ology" in with watercolour pencils, and my friends all agree I am indeed a Pratt. Hmm, maybe I need new friends!
PS Hi to Alison, I'm taking all my journal stuff to the caravan too, maybe caravans will get a new lease of life as hotbeds of activity...of the arty kind LOL!

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