Thursday, May 20, 2010

flibberdidddly doo dah...

I had a lovely surprise in the post today. A thankyou card from one of our mail order customers. We do get loads of thankyou cards and emails which are very much appreciated, but what made this one all the more special was, if you look at it closely the photograph on the front is of the parcel we sent out. How cool is that..??? Thankyou Maria, you made a great start to my day.

The next news to arrive over the internet, was news of the kidnapped dragon. He appeared to have fallen off the radar for the last few weeks, but he has reappeared.  Apparantly the jet set life style does not suit him, and so he has gone to live in Alains office at Ranger Headquarters, New Jersey. I hope Alain remembers he's there and doesn't forget to feed him, and not just on Marmite and beer..!!! Those of you going out to Ranger U ( Annaliese and Linda ), slip him a slice of pizza now and again. And don,t forget to have your photo taken with him to send to me, lmao...

Well I spent most of last night really indulgently by finishing off the pages I started. They are all in my my ink journal. Yes its a journal that contains only ink on the backgrounds, no paint..Yes you heard me correctly NO PAINT...!!!!  I can do it you know, it just doesn't happen that often, lol.

The page already had some pattern on there as I clean my inky stencils by pressing them between pages of new journals. I then started by covering the background with a heavy coat of Distress ink, applied water for a faux bleach effect and dabbed it dry. I then laid Tim's clock masks, one by one, over the top and applied more ink.
I stamped the Stampotique door in the corner and hand drew a border all round the page. I stamped Tim,s birds above the door. I coloured in the Stampotique image with the same Distress inks, chopped her legs off and reatached them at a different angle. Stuck her on the page and added a hat from my downloads. I then chose a quote from  my downloads top left. The final touch was with an oil pastel to make her pop.

Enjoy xx


thekathrynwheel said...

Ooooh FAB! Love this page and all your inky backgrounds :-)

Kirsti said...

I LOVE this... I think the door is my next Stampotique purchase...loveing the inky background and the masking!!!Really gonna try and come down in the summer for a class...Have a great weekend...xox.

borgqueen said...

Is this page a subliminal message to me?!!!!

I promise promise promise to come and see the new furniture soooooon.


olive said...

loving this Dy, so different for you. Ink Rocks!!! Ciao

Angela Weimer said...

Wonderful creation. Love the backgrounds and the gate.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

This is fabulous Dyan, love what you've done with the legs :) not something that I'd have considered.
Anne x

cockney blonde said...

WOW. Love this Dyan, x

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