Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just a quick one...

Hi you, I have spent all afternoon doing a step by step for you, and I have spent all evening editing the photos. I am now, giving up for the evening, as I am struggling to keep my eyes open

I will however post all the step by steps tomorrow and include  news of a giveaway. Ooooooh !!!

Heres my Daily Outfit.

These were taken quite late in the day, which will, hopefully explain the tired and disheveled look.!!!

Dress...altered, from the high street
Cardi...high street

Can you see what I am standing next to in the studio...???

Yesterday's thrifting bargain of the day. Its a Parker Knoll chair in fabuolous condition. Well the seat cover is naff!!!! but the rest is great. I'm going to find a really modern Retro fabric and recover it. And the best thing about it is I have TWO of them.!!! And not only are they fab but they were a gift as well. Fan frikkin tastic.

I'll leave you with a journal page fom my Ledger..

Have a fabulous rest of the evening...I have to dash as my pillow will be expecting me.!!

Enjoy xx


Kaz said...

NO WAY!!! Not one parker knoll but two! Today I have chair envy!!

What goorgeous beautys they are *sigh* ......
much luv

Jennibellie said...

Fan frikkin tastic indeed :) you make me laugh out loud, love the gorgeous shape of those chairs (glad the seat cover is going though lol) tfs, jenny x

Candy C said...

I always enjoy your blog entries so much. Karen Hall and I have become fast friends through blogging. I love your work and your amazing techniques. I am going to check your post from yesterday about signing up for a class you're doing on the 27th. The click "HERE" link was not working yesterday. <3 Candy

Sid said...

Great chair, love the page too !!

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