Sunday, January 31, 2010

Can't believe I have admit it..!!!!

Whey hey I,m blogging early today because I really really need to sleep. I am feeling like a pile of s**t, and I am not sure if I am coming down with something, jet lagged or just plain knackered, lol. I just had a bath and washed my hair and had to have a lie down. Had a really relaxing art journaling class today. Everyone just did their own thing and what a brill job they made. It is really fantastic feeling to see how they have progressed over the past 14 mths if that. They came to their first classes as terrified rabbits, who wanted me to tell them exactly what to put and where. They just wouldnt, or couldnt commit any of their thoughts to paper, and panicked if anyone came near their journal.!!! Now they just go with whatever I suggest, and it is brill to see, although I do worry that at this reate I may become surplus to their requirements. I,ll just have to keep coming up with some new and unusual techniques. Now where did I put all those peel offs from years ago..!!!! lmao.
Here are the 2 pages I did in class

I am busy working on some new downloads for you all, as they have been sooooooo popular. They take frikkin ages to do mind, but I think they are worth it.  The first of this years art journaling weekend starts on Friday and I am sooooo looking forward to it. If you are coming, get plenty of rest beforehand as you will be mentally and emotionally drained after. and dont forget, warm boots, vests, long johns, fingerless gloves, scarf, wooly hat and hot water bottle..!!! Yes youve guessed it we still have no ceiling and it is frikkin unbelievably freezing...

Which reminds me , is anyone from the South coming to the April weekend. I have a lady desperate to come but doesnt want to travel on her own. If you fancy keeping her company just let me know. Thanks.

I got 2 blog awards today from 2 of my lovely MacDuff ladies. Although I am really bad at remembering to post them and never ever pass them on, I am always really honoured that people have thought of me and inside chuffed to buggery.! So thankyou the lovely Sonja and the lovely Kirstiwithani.....

I will answer the 7 questions though. It is supposed to be about things you don t know about me, but I,m not sure if there is actually left unsaid. lmao

 So here goes with 7 things people dont know about me.
  1. My nails take hours to do. They are a ritual wether long or short. First strengthener, basecoat, 2 coats of colour, topcoat, chip n skip and then sprayed with a quick dry. Is there anybody out there the same or is it cos I,m crackers. No don.t even go there.!!!
  2. until the age of 12 I always thought that Joshua Tetley was my uncle. My Dad used to take us round the pub , sit us outside, and come out with crisps and pop, saying "your Uncle Joshua is a bit busy but he's sent you these out " Yes really, how gullible is that.?
  3. At the age of 6 we moved to Harrogate from Batley. It was only when they were half way here that they realised they had actuall left me in the front room of the old house.!!
  4. was the first girl in my secondary school to do Technical drawing and Building construction.. Until then it was a boy only subject. It wasnt that I was desperate to do it, just that girls werent allowed to do it made me object. I went on strike and picketed the library for 3 days, clutching a hand made banner. lmao. It worked and in I went. I frikkin loved it, you all know how anal I used to be so all those straight lines and measurements were music to my ears. I was a bit like Tubbs in League of gentlemen when she was shown a map.."Ooooooooh lines and lines and lines and lines."
  5. have become addicted to the Jeremy Kyle show. I very rarely watch tv but when I can remember I record the double bill for those rare occasions I get the time. I know its a very shameful addiction to admit to, on a par with smoking crack. Giving up hard drugs wasn't too much of a problem , ha ha , that was a joke,but giving up my fix of Jeremy is proving extremely difficult.  They tried offering me a substitute but Trisha just doesn't satisfy me the same. it is very shameful and I struggle to hold my head up. Oh and by the way if you query me about it, I will just lie and deny it to save face....
  6. I can move my little toes independantly from the rest of my toes.
  7. I don't suffer from OCD anymore. Good eh? instead I hav e been diagnosed with CDO. It's practically the same, but I prefer it because it's in alphabetical order...lmao
Ok to lull me off to sleep I have an appointment with a box set of Hustle and a packet of strawberry chewits!! I know how to live, me....ha ha

Enjoy xx

Ps.. I knew I shouldnt have mentioned the peel off word, cos I,ve now broken out in hives and a cold sweat..!!!


kirsticoo said...

Oh wow Dyan... you are unbelievable (but in a good way)... you do make me laugh and I still do wish your studio was on my doorstep but you would be sick of the sight of me by take care...xoxo

Wrightboysmum said...

On no peel offs are defintely a more than one bottle of vodka emergency and would require a MacDuff Intervention! The prescription is paint dabbers, Tim's stamps and a glossy mag the urge will recede lol.

Queenie said...

Lol Dyan you are a giggle,i usually have the Monday blues but you have cured them this morning!!!
Hope your not coming down with something....maybe it1s the Jeremy Kyle show doing it,lol!
Sorry couldn`t resist....
Loving your pages too!!!
Well away to get on with my day in a better frame of mind.
Take care

Ann said...

Trust you to pick an acronym associated with fit, chunky men. CDO = Royal Marine Commando!
I know this will be no consolation to you in your busy life, but it has taken me 2 weeks to get over my jet-lag and my get up and go has still got up and gone!
4 weeks 'til our workshop - yippee
Derbyshire Ann xx

olive said...

the nails thing..... takes ages doesnt it! as I do all that... your normal to me Dyan... is that any recommendation? c u soon. Ciao xxx

ps your not mad its everyone else!

Piddawinkle said...

loving the CDO, rofl

Ophelia said...

Your journal pages are amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I know this is little late but having read what you wrote about your could be my best friend!!xmust talk some time..lynda. Think l will put up some things out me on my chocolatelifeandjazz blog!!! pop over some time and have a giggle!! My crafty/art blog is
one of these days l will come up from london to do one of your weekend courses!xlynda

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