Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane.....

Ok here we go again, with yesterday and today,s news. It's a bumper one, but then I will be spending hours and hours and hours on a plane and then recovering from jet lag..!!!

Yesterday started with an urge for sugar and so I ordered blueberry and granola pancakes. Jeez there was enough to feed a small army. Just look at the size of these beauties. I think I managed about a fifth before giving in.

Ha ha this picture makes me laugh soooo much. Yes its the lovely Natalie let loose in a motorised vehicle lol. She hurt her foot wearing flip flops, would you believe..??? Talk about road rage at times, blimey she's lethal in it...!!!

Heres some pics of me demoing. I have sooooo much fun demoing the pearls, and showing how versatile they are to use

Heres some pics of the samples I was making.

This is always a good sign of a days demoing. Guess whos hands these are..??

Yup they are the lovely Claudines.

I had time to catch up with the gorgeous Lyn from the Crafty Emporium and the lovely Michelle who is looking cracking with her weight loss.

Hey up shes still driving on the wrong side..


Ha ha me and Wendy are always in trouble for something. Oh ok then it's always me lol. But we do love each other really, ever since we were sleeping partners at a Ranger U.  Oh yes our room had a gorgeous King size bed and a poxy little sleeper couch. She drew the short straw, but being the darling that I am I let her share mine, as long as she didn't snore burp orpinch all the duvet...!!!

And then of course theres Tim himself, He despairs of me sometimes and thinks I,m a right giddy kipper...

But I know he loves me really...!!

A few of us went out to eat and we actually managed to get into The Cheesecake Factory without waiting over 2 hrs. The food was fabulous and we gave a great attempt at devouring it.

Justin managed to bag another Birthday surprise.

Just look at the size of the deserts, I managed to decline as I was stuffed.

Today was filming day for me and Wendy. We have to film clips for the Ranger website. As I turned in for duty Wendy was just finishing hers.

Patti is ace as the director, but I think we need to get her a box to stand on next time..

Then it was my turn.

Last time I looked Tim was sat doing make n takes.

So how come he seems to have sneaked in here..???

He frightened me to death when I turned around, lmao..

As you can see I was kept busy all the time I was there. Love it when the crowd are sooooo interested.

Time for a quick breather with Claudine.

So thats it, we are packing and trying to keep under the weight limit of baggage and in a few hours we will be off again. I always love demoing at CHA and it is a pleasure to work with the luvvly Ranger lads and ladettes. Love you all...

Just wait until all the new products start arriving, yee ha..!!! Gonna have a bath and turn in, cos I am absolutley knackered. I had some really shitty news last night and hardly slept. Still "cancel and continue", tomorrow is another day...

Enjoy xx


Virginia said...

Ah babe - crappy news not fun - particularly when it looks like you've had a ball there! Hope the journey back isn't too tiring and that you manage to deal with the jet lag!


Helen said...

Have a safe trip home, can't wait to see the video's. Hope everything is OK.

Kirsti said...

Can't believe how busy you are... am now wishing I had loads of money to buy all the new stuff...lol...safe trip home...xoxo

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Big hugs for your shitty news!!

Glad you had fun at CHA tho, lookes like tim was trying to snag some tips from you!! LOL

Have a safe trip home

olive said...

sorry to hear you had shitty news... catches up with you no matter where you go (been there done that)always seems to come when you are having an unbelievable great time. Looks like you had an awesome time though, have a safe journey home. See you soon. Keep safe chuck......

Chris Steer said...

Looks like you've had an abolutely fab time - sorry about shitty news though - hope everything o.k. - we're like mother hens worrying about you arn't we!! Have a safe journey home and see you soon


Chris x

Siobhan Brignull said...

loving the hearty utee pearly brooch thingy ma jigs

Siobhan Brignull said...

loving the utee perfect pearl broochy thingy ma jigs . .

if space is a prob I'll double up with Tim, LOL, thats not wrong is it!!!!!

Nancy said...

Have been having great fun reading your blog and catching up with all the going-on's across the pond. Hope you have a safe journey home.

Will be stopping back to read soon


Laura (Faerielore) said...

Wishing you a stay trip home hun, WOW i bet your soooooo tired now looks like its been hectic hehehehe

crap news is never good, big hugs xxxx

Laura (Faerielore) said...

Wishing you a stay trip home hun, WOW i bet your soooooo tired now looks like its been hectic hehehehe

crap news is never good, big hugs xxxx

Diane said...

You must be too pooped to pop with everything that's been going on - great pictures! So sorry about the shitty new but come home safely.
Diane x

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