Tuesday, January 19, 2010


After trawling through thousand and thousands of Blogger forums, I have discovered why I can,t up load photos. Simple really, need to buy more storage space. WTF..!!! Why couldnt they just say that, and direct me to where to buy it, its only $20 for beavers sake, hardly gonna break the bank is it. So I have purtchased the required space and just have to wait up to 24 hrs for it to become available and then I will be free to
bombard you with all my naffy pics, once more. Oh sweet joy , I hear you all sing, lmao..!!! C,mon now, you know you've missed me really, have',t you..????? Where else would you get to experience the daily witterings of your very own basket case.? Where else would you go to feel better about your own life and sooooo grateful you didn't have mine.?  Mind you it's a lot cheaper than drugs, you know.

For all those of you who have emailed me and left comments welcoming me back, thankyou very much. I didn't realise I would be so missed and I think it's lovely. I might go missing every now and again just to get this feeling, ha ha. Just need to answer a few things that came up in your comments.

  1. Sue - regards writing a book in my spare time, are you completely bonkers woman.??? stop taking the piss now, just cos you retired, lol.xx
  2. Janet -  ooh you make my workshops sound so good, I want to go on them, lmao. Cool project, love it xxx
  3. Kirsti - I,ve always made a big thing about being arsey and independant, but I secretly quite liked being looked after, lol.
  4. Jude - yes we are extremely lucky with our lives in the Western World, really makes you think. Can,t wait to see you on the journaling weekend, try not to get too giddy before you get here babe, lmao.
  5. Bev - thanks for your lovely comments, not sure who you are but you are wuvly, lol.
  6. Olive - a leopard never changes its spots, or should that be "cougar" ha ha ..
  7. Kerry - I journal in anything and everything, from Moleskines to handmade, newspaper pages even in old books and diaries. My smallest is 3 x 4 ins and my largest is A3. If it's light coloured I will go for it, if its not I will prime it first.  I have 19 on the go at the mo and if I feel the pages are going to warp I stick 2 together with gel medium first. I also never use a brush to apply paint, but apply it direct with fingers and babywipes. Hope this helps babe.
  8. Angie - Ha ha, you never know what I,m gonna do next. He has been around for a long time but he works away most of the time. After a long, long period of running away on both sides, we just gave up and gave in, ha ha. Oooh maybe I,m growing up..??? Narrrr, never..she cried. Think it's cos maybe this time we've both met our match, or mebbes it's the fact that no one else could cope with either of us. He thinks I,m a complete, arsey, bolshy, exasperating,  barm pot of a first class lunatic who isn't safe to be let out on her own... and I think it takes one to know one. Ha ha , a match made in Heaven, lol.
  9. The Crafts House - your links not working babe.! I am honoured to be in your remaining 3 blogs and have to question your sanity, lol.
  10. Virginia - I,m gonna love your Mum, because if she doesn't know anything about journaling, she will listen to me and give me the respect I so obviously deserve, lmao. Seriously tell her not to worry, she is in safe hands, I have never had to resuscitate a student yet..!!!! Will be mailing you nearer the time with what to bring, but warm boots, chocolate and Kleenex are essential -=""
  11. Ooooh I quite  enjoyed that, but where has the time gone again. Aaaaargh..!!! Right might not get time to blog tomorra as I will be busy packing for CHA, that's if I can squeeze my ever expanding arse into anything I own, but I will blog from sunny California, I promise.!!! Got no choice actually as Our Ben is coming as well, lol. If you are going to CHA come and see me, I am demoing on the Ranger booth Sun , Mon and Tues. Should draw a massive crowd as Tim is on straight after me and they queue to get near him, lmao. Still makes me feel like they are interested, ha ha . Oh BTW Brian, I am not sure if I am going to get to meet you, as I leave Wed am and I think that is the day that the public are allowed in. That would be just typical babe wouldn,t it. Let me know which day you are going and bring your journal xx.

    Right, a tin of stewing steak is calling my name, I know I,m disgusting again, just don't tell James..!!!

    Enjoy xx


Sue Abbott said...

Oh you are incredible! Always a fantastic read! All your followers love ya and we always will! ENJOY your trip Dyan. x

Sandra Hall said...

Thankyou for always bringing a smile to my face! Have a fabby trip, keep safe.
x x x

Georgetta said...

So glad you're back entertaining us again! Missed you loads - but it was a well deserved rest LOL.
Really looking forward to the journalling weekend when you're back from CHA. Have fun!! xx

Horners Corner said...

Wish i could come to CHA!! I cant wait to get my mitts on Tims new distress inks! Have fun and a safe journey


olive said...

what do we get for keeping quiet????? have a safe journey and lots of fun and just ignore Ben when you are shopping... just tell him its research for your ladies!!!!! Ciao

Chris said...

Glad you're back hun - fed up of checking everyday to see if you're there and you're not lol xx Have a great trip and see you soon xx



gayle said...

CHA sounds like it's going to be amazing! Have fun!

angie's blogspot said...

Aww thanks for explaining hun, I'm so happy for ya, looks like he's good for ya as well,better get meself a new hat then lol, xxx

The Crafts House said...

..have a great trip, link is working now didn't realise...will keep checking in for updates from CHA..take care sandra

Wrightboysmum said...

Maybe your just growing up lol. Glad your enjoying normal life but it is nice to see you back. Had to laugh at beaver may use that in front of the kids now. Have a good trip and plenty of photos please.

olive said...

just looked at Tim's new stuff, hope you are getting all this in!!!!!!!!
dont forget lots of piccys...

Ann said...

Have a great time in CHA. Beware airline surcharges - I had to pay $50 for 8Kg!! I'm back in Derbyshire now and look forward to getting back to 'normal'. Take Care Ann xx

Piddawinkle said...

loopy looney Dyan, how could we cope without you, you make the world less grey. ps please nick me a copy of tims new book while you are there, im sure they will never notice, lol

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