Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ladies, I salute you.

Well I have just earned an NVQ 2 in Care in the Community...!!!!  Yes thats the end of another Fabby Dabby weekend, lmao..!!! I'm only joking, honest..!!!
We had a fabulous time, and laughed the whole way through. What a great bunch they all were. We had people from Belfast, the South and Midlands as well as surrounding areas. Some didn't manage to make it through the snow, and some battled through horrendous conditions, so we were determined to have fun.
The projects were a mixture of media and techniques. Beeswax, collage, art journal, mini books, spritzing, inking, faux bleach, painting, and lots and lots of gossiping ( it would be unsociable not to !!! ) . We ate until we were ready to burst and I won't mention the actions of a certain few in the bar on Saturday..!!!
I need to tell you a funny tale about Kiwi Chris, she was hilarious... I was passing out background stamps and she asked if there were any squirrel ones. "Squirrels..???". We all looked at her in amazement.
"WTF are you on about..??? There is no way I have a stamp of a squirrel, why on earth would you think that...???
Turned out she meant SWIRLS....!!!! Well we couldn't work for laughing, and from now on all swirls will be known as Squirrels....I can feel a new range coming on.
Okay, have been given my orders to sam up as my chilli will be served in a few minutes.l Oh yes he is still waiting on me hand and foot, lol. But he is back working away from the weekend, awwwww what am I going to do..??? ha ha.
So I just want to say thankyou ladies , you were magnificent.

Enjoy xx


Kirsti said...

Oh how I wish i could have been there... sounds like you guys had a blast!!!...x

Siobhan Brignull said...

squirrels, ROFPML

VickiA said...

Brilliant weekend, thanks Dyan.

Off to buy at least one canvas today, I'm feeling totally inspired. DD wants me to turn her into a fairy! What sort of a mother would I be if I said no.

Vicki xx

pinksparkledays said...

Thanks for a 'fabby' weekend, you really are a true inspiration and a fantastic teacher. Cant wait till March beginners journelling.

Scrapbagleader said...

Oh Wow - what a wonderful weekend we had, and how much we learned! Thanks Dyan for all your hard work in putting on a fantastic event. I arrived home absolutely shattered, but I cannot wait to get on with finishing the projects. Looking forward to next year - as long as I'm not on 'The List'.

Darcy Marshall said...

hahaha I love it...when my son was little, we would go walking looking for squirrels, only he could never say it and it would always come out as 'squizzels'...and so for ever more they are known to us as squizzels.

Bev said...

HI Dyan
You haven't blogged for AGES. Hope all is ok with you.

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Hiya hun, am missing you on twitter. Lack of blogging worrying too. I hope it means your doing something good and nothing bad happened.

Take care and much luv Dee xxx

Ethans Mummy said...

hey seen u on papertrey uk blog, there is me and another lady wanting to get a dely (im in durham) if you want to share?

xxx sam

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