Friday, January 8, 2010

How fast...????

Oooooops, Claudines full day class sold out in 6 minutes. Yup thats right 6 mins flat, Way to go...!!!! There are still a few places left on the colour tag one, on the Friday. Congrats to all who managed to book, we are going to have a fab time...

Fabby Dabby weekend started tonight and , horror of horrors, it started snowing AGAIN...!!! It wasn't too bad but it made the roads icy as hell, so there was only one thing to do. We had to abandon ship early...But only after we had eaten all the pizza and drunk all the wine, lol. I am still taking photos even though I am not uploading them, so don't worry, I will have a bumper upload later on in the week..!!!

Sorry it's a quick post again but bed is a calling me...

Enjoy xx


Mell said...

yay i got a place on the Thursday. I can't wait x

VickiA said...

Hope it's better by the morning, I'm (one) of your MIA for Fabby Dabby. A59 better be kind to me!

Anonymous said...

Phooey! I just came out of hospital yesterday after a hysterectomy to find I missed that class! I got that book for Christmas too! Please let me be on the first reserve list Dyan!! But don't suppose anyone will drop out of that one!! Grovel grovel!

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