Monday, May 18, 2009

Linky shouts

Yayy feeling a bit better today. I was taken out for coffee, shopping and lunch and lots of attentiveness and tlc. Oooh does And its a yes, hmm no, maybe and sssshhhh I,m not telling, so don't even go there. But it put a smile on my face, lmao..

Then when I finally hauled my cute little ass into work I got another surprise. Yes all tim,s new ideaology had arrived. Due to a misplaced order and a lost delivery, I was beginning to despair of ever getting this. But good things come to those who wait, as they say. I tell you what that tiny attacher is going into overdrive..!!!

Here's all the things I managed to steal..

And then another surprise, they are like blooming buses aren't they..?? Goddam cute little UPS guy turned up, nearly compensating for loss of fire alarm guy, but not quite...!! Anyway he was clutching in his gorgeous little mitts, these little beauties from 7gypsies. don,t think Ben has had chance to get them on the website yet, will let you know tomorrow.

These are my favourite, must have , fabby dabby thingamijigs......Packs of Ephemera in sturdy cardstock. There are 2 designs - Vintage and my fave below, Gypsy.

There are also new tag packs and gorgeously needable acetates... You have been warned...

So, now as promised we,ll have a followers blog link, starting with my old mate the lovely Sue at Paper Paradise Sue sold her shop earlier this year and is just starting to relax again and have a life. I got a bit confused when she told me that as I didn't understand a word of it, lol.

Next we have the lovely Gail Burton Her blog is filled with the most gorgeous paintings , mainly of bull Terriers but there is a fair smattering of angels in there as well. I was originally a folk art painter and I very much admire the work that she has put in. My faves are the 3 little 3 x 4 canvas's.

Now we have Siobhan, known on this blog as Piddawinkle She says I always seem to make her laugh and cry at the same time. Maybe reading my blog is like watching Jeremy Kyle. It makes you feel so much better about your own life, lol. Anyway Siobhan has a thing about Atc's and has some lovely examples on show.

This is one of my regular ladies, the lovely Janet . And I have been meaning to tell you for ages( keep forgetting , sorry Janet ) that she is holding an Atc meet on the 23rd May at Skipton, North Yorkshire. Details are on the blog. You can go and trade to your hearts content and there is a fabby raffle going on. Tim has donated a signed tag and I have donated a signed 7gypsies eclectic tag book amongst other things.

Now the lovely Terri.from across the pond. Terri awarded me a blog award a while ago, but I was having a problem accessing her blog and couldn't pick it up. I am a nightmare with these awards (Kate, you need to help me out with those you've sent me babe, lol) Terri is celebrating her first blog anniversary. Congratulations....

And lastly today another blog from across the pond, the lovely Brian, Yes its a man..!! He is having loads of fun at the moment with hand cut stencils. You need to check out the journal pages in the post -"its whats inside that counts." They are just sooooo gorgeous. 2nd one down is my personal fave. Brian, can I just apologise now for all girly talk, feminine trivia and intimate hormonal details that you have to plough through whilst reading my blog. But don,t worry there will be loads more to come, woop woop.

Ok now a few more journal pages. These are about my "issues" , lmao. You see how good I am getting..?? I can even admit that I have "issues" There you go twice in one paragraph. Goodness me , maybe I,m nearly cured, ha ha , if only it was that easy. But progress is progress no matter how slow the journey. And I think that starting out on the journey is the biggest step of all... So I,m gonna cut myself some slack. Besides if I was cured , what on earth would I journal about. So lets hear it for lifes troubles, woes, setbacks and of course "issues"...lmao...!!

When you have something personal to say and are not sure about revealing it fully to others, do your writing in an unusual manner, so it is harder for people to read and make sense off. You can work it out, but no one else need know.

Love the colours on this page. they are all sweet and sherbety aren't they. Not my usual colours at all.

The letters were hand drawn and cut from a separate piece of card that I had baby wiped with paint to match the cup cakes.

Love these cup cake images and use them a lot. The glossy ones at the front are from the Asda magazine (its an ace magazine for obtaining images, mind you if they knew how many mags I purloin , I would probably be banned from the store). Luckily I know one of the managers who would bail me out I,m sure..!!!!!!! The images to the left are from Lisas altered art You will see a lot more of their images cropping up as she has very kindly allowed me to use them in my workshops. Yayy, thanks babe.

Right I have got a can of Diet Ginger Beer silently calling my name. I love ginger beer but I got a right shock. Sainsbury's have changed their recipe . I got them home, took a big swig, and coughed. Pwooaarrr, It nearly took the lining off the back of my throat. They have renamed it FIERY and added real ginger extract. I am now used to the effect and have learnt to sip from the can gently in a ladylike manner, whilst holding my little pinky aloft. You see I,ll become a lady any day soon.....
Enjoy xx


Brian K said...

Dylan! Thank you for featuring my blog! I am blushing... Yesterday it was a beautiful day out here in Long Beach, CA I was out playing with paint and stencils... but nothing was coming out right... it all ended up in the trash... do you ever have such days? Paint was running under the stencils... not fun...

You really made my morning! Thank you!

Bobs said...

Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better today, Dyan.

Love the look of those ephemera packs!!!


Amanda Sheridan said...

And I thought I was the only one with a thing about Sainsburys Diet Ginger Beer! And you're so right about the new recipe - no more swigging if you value your tonsils!

Paper Paradise said...

Thanks so much for my blog mention Dyan. Just going for another browse on the others you kindly mentioned, so much to see and such varied ideas......... Thanks again and we will all see you on Saturday.
Sue x

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