Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sun, what sun..??

Yesterday was Craft Day and as you know that usually involves me running around like a mad woman . Well This class was quite calm, amazing I know. Maybe its because a few of them were doing the same projects. We had :-
1 x garden canvas
1 x Memories shadow frame
2 x A - Z of me
1 x journal pages
4 x Day to Remember Album.
Heres the lovely ladies. From L - R Meghan, Janet, Janet and Jacqui.
And Ingrid, Lyn, Laura, Belle and Helen.
And big apologies to them but I forgot to put these out,lol.

It was Preview Day today, and me and the Goddess were on duty. Always a dangerous combination, as we do more giggling than working. We had a really good day and I want to say thank you to everyone who came to see us. It must have been really difficult to tear yourselves away from the gorgeous weather we are having. ( not that me and Emmi saw much of it )One of the classes sold out before lunch, and a few are getting quite close. Don't forget they will go online on Tues for those of you who couldn't get to the studio.
Here's a few more sneaks.

And here they are displayed on the unit. This unit is directly opposite the studio door and is always the home of upcoming workshops. If ever you come and visit us this is where you should always head first and check out. The studio and shop are packed chocker with samples and you could easily get confused, so if its workshops you are after this is where they live.

I,ve got a gorgeous shoe watch for you today. Yes its my gorgeous little Maisie. Aren't these just adorable..??Just like her.

Tomorrow is my fave, Art Journalling Workshop. We are still exploring colour and emotions. This kind of workshop can get really emotional and intense but at the same time is extremely cathartic and healing. I think Art Journalling should be made available for all on the NHS. What do you think, lol..??
And don't worry I haven't forgotten about showing you the studio, warts and all.!!! I have taken all the photos already , its just a matter of finding time to upload them. So heres a little glimpse of whats coming to you.



angelwhispers said...

Well Dylan everything looks fantastic! Will have to try and get over for a class! but which one!! it's like being in a sweet shop you just never know which one to pick and end up with them all!! lol xx

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Everything looks so fab.
Caught a little peek at Masie in your projects she is so cute.:-)
And her shoe watch picture is to die for.....She is really taking after you.
Cant wait to see the studio pics.
I took out a canvas and paint daubers today all geared up to create, but it was way too hot to do anything.
I will prob be shot if i say this but I hate the sun.
My nextdoor neighbours however are at the moment out in the back garden having a Karaoke.
It's now 11.50pm and I am offically sick of Garth Brooks.
And to top it all the baby keeps waking up with all the noise.
Ok sorry about that.
Rant over.
Am waiting to see the OPI TSV on QVC at midnight, then I'm off to bed to try and sleep.
Big Hugs,
Michelle xx

Dylan said...

Chanelle, unfortunately that is usually what happens, but what can I say??? You know you want to ,lol.xx

And Michelle, don't you worry girl , I am always available to soak up rants. You should have got your own back by playing some Abba. That would have scared them off, lol. I find if I sing along with them,very badly, I hasten to add, the party soon disperses. Managed to resist the OPI, but only cos they didnt have any black. Yayy..xx

Michelle said...

Thanks for soaking up my rant.:-)
The singing with the microphone finshed at 1.30 and the party finally ended around 3am.
There wasn't a peep out of them all day.
Am really tired, hope I sleep tonight.
I want to be bright and breezy tomorrow to do my canvas.;-)
I got the OPI for a gift for someone.
Can't get a decent black over here, I end up throwing them all away.
Thanks again,
Michelle xx

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