Saturday, May 16, 2009

Students show and tell

Wanted to show you some samples that bezzie Su made. These were all made as presents for other people. The first is an Ikea set of drawers that is painted and stamped.
Love the Grungebosrd flowers
And I just love this. Its one of our wooden jigsaws and its decorated in the Rusty Pickle Pirate papers.

Cool aren't they..?? I don't know how she could bear to part with them.
I,ve got more to show you later today. I am busy working on workshop samples for the Preview Day which is Saturday 30th May. I am behind as usual, but don't worry I have got Ben on my tail about it. I must resist the temptation to work on my empowerment art journal that I started yesterday. I will tell you more about that later and give you some pics. Its fabby.
Just found out that our Ranger order shipped this week and so we will have all the restocks of Claudines paints and the Idea-ology any day now. We just cant keep it all on the shelves at the moment, and I am not surprised cos I love it, love it, love it..!!!
Also forget to give you links to two of my ladies who have set up blogs. First off there is my Northern Soulie mate , the lovely Sandra
And also the lovely Ann who is always there to give me a listening ear and lots of support.
They are both sooooooo lovely that it I really look forward to them coming and they obviously feel the same because I am all over their blogs. Love it. If you have started a blog then let me know and I'll give you a shout out here. And don't worry its not a pre- requisite to mention me on it, lol.
So I,ll be back later on. Whatever you are up to today,
enjoy xx


Paper Paradise said...

Hiya Dyan, just visited the blogs, thanks for sharing. That is the thing with you, you are all for sharing and helping, SOOOOOOO, please help me and give my blog a plug lol!!!! See you on Saturday.
Sue x

Siobhan Brignull said...

Hi Dyan, I love reading your blog its inspiring in more than art, you approach life with such vigour even on your bad days, that it makes me look at mine and appreciate things more, I have you on my fave blog list at my blog and love popping over to see what you have been up to, love your art and wished I lived somewhere near you so I could visit. Love your art journal what a great idea and very brave for you to showcase some on here, I fear that if I started writing down my true feelings about myself it would be a very depressing journal, arent us humans a sad race!! Anyway keep on trucking you are doing a grand job, have a great weekend. Siobhan, ps off to visit the other blogs now.

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