Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pearl tutorial Day 5

Here we go with Day 5 of the tutorials.

You will need one of the prepared backgrounds that we made on day 1. If you missed it you will find the instructions HERE.

Materials used

Blonde Moments

Pearl pigments - Sugar Floss, Festive Copper, Spring Orange, Sugar Pink
Stamps - Gifts Galore, A Little Bit of That, Sweet Celebrations
Papers - Sugar Dumpling
Clear embossing powder
Spritzer bottle


Spiced Marmalade Distress ink pad
Raspberry Adirondack ink pad
Carnation Archival ink pad
Black perfect medium Pad
Heat resistant mat
White Opaque Gel pen
Star Dust Stickles
Glossy Accents
Cut n Dry Foam

Tim Holtz Idea-ology



Step 1. Ink up cross hatch stamp (A Little Bit of That) with Carnation Archival ink and stamp onto the background.

Step 2. Faux stitch around the edge with the Opaque white pen.

Step 3. Highlight the cross hatching with the Opaque white pen.

Step 4. Ink all the edges with the Raspberry Adirondack ink.

Step 5. Ink the Present stamp ( Gifts Galore) with the black Perfect Medium and stamp onto white card. Sprinkle with Blonde moments clear embossing powder.

Step 6. Heat emboss the image.

Step 7. Dip a wet paintbrush into the Blonde Moments Pearl Pigment Powder.

Step 8. Mix on the heat resistant mat into a creamy paint.

Step 9. Paint in the embossed image. Repeat with the other colours of pearl Pigments.

Step 10. Cut out the image leaving a small border.

Step 11. Cut out the ribbon with a scalpel.

Step 12. Mount onto pink card and cut out leaving a small border.

Step 13. Mount onto the background with foam tape.

To make the card.
Step 1. Ink up the surprise stamp ( Sweet Celebrations ) with the Carnation Archival ink, and stamp onto a C6 card.

Step 2. Ink up the same stamp with the Spiced Marmalade Distress ink and stamp all over the rest of the card.

Step 3. Tear a strip of Blonde Moments Sugar Dumpling paper and ink both of the torn edges with the Spiced Marmalade Distress ink.

Step 4. Add to the card and ink all edges with the Spiced marmalade ink.

Step 5. Add a spiral clip to the top right corner of the Atc, and a brad through the centre.

Step 6. Add to the C6 card.

Step 7. Take an oval fragment and add Glossy Accents to the outer edge.

Step 8. Place the fragment over the pink surprise. Hold firmly for 10 secs to set.

And here's the finished card.

Two more colourways.
Orange and Teal.

Raspberry and Teal.

One more day to go!!
Big news tomorrow about Tim Holtz,s visit!!! Woop woop de woop!!


thekathrynwheel said...

Hee hee hee got my ticket already! Best news I've had in ages :-))) Looking forward to journaling on Sunday....

Dylan said...

You go girl!!! Thought yuoun might pull a sicky that day lol. xx

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