Monday, January 5, 2009

No smoke without Firemen!!!

I haven't deserted you all, I am just run off my feet at the moment, and because I am nursing mum ,as well as preparing for the fabby dabby weekend, I just keep running out of time. As you all know I usually blog in the early hours of the morning but there is no broadband round at mum,s. Aaargh I am getting awful withdrawal symptoms. It is amazing how quickly I have become so used to blogging every day. Its great emptying your head every night, and because I am getting old and forgetful it is great that I have a record of it as well !!! lol

The preview weekend was the best one we have ever had, with many of the classes at least 3/4 full already. Looks like you are all Christmassed out and raring to go. I think Ben will have them online on Weds ( fingers crossed). A big thank you to all those who braved the cold and came to book workshops. It was really cold in the studio, cos the whole factory had been shut for 2 weeks, and so extra cups of tea where required to keep warm. Copious amounts of biccies and cake were devoured. I tried to tell everyone I had baked them myself but nobody was having it !! What???

Talking of cold, how cold was it today??? We had a fire alarm go off and the whole factory had to stand outside in the bitter cold for an hour until it was sorted. The alarm is linked to the Fire Station and so I was getting all excited at the thought of all the men in uniform arriving in the building. You know me and Firemen!! Imagine my disappointment when one little old fella turned up. Now I don't mind freezing my bits off for an hour at the thought of some uniforms, but crooked teeth and a bad combover just don't do it for me . lmao!!!

Speaking of cold, I think this freezing weather is here to stay for another week. So if you are coming for the weekend add these to the equipment list.

Big furry knickers
Thermal vest and long johns
Fingerless gloves
Large scarf or shawl
Big woolly hat
Fingerless gloves
Hot water bottle

You think I am joking don't you??? You have been warned lol

How col


Kirsty Wiseman said...

Aaaaah, but the reception is warm!
Word Verification today is:
Which I think is code for Kirsty deserves a free trolley dash round my shop when she comes.

angie's blogspot said...

Hi Dyan, was just wondering if you are attending any craft shows in Lancashire this year, I'm just pondering the manchester one in Feb, thanks. x

Dylan said...

No sorry wont be doing many shows at all this year. The Harrogate show will be my main one in March.

angie's blogspot said...

ta chuck, mmm might check out the harrogate one then, tis my birthday in march so that's a good excuse lol.

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