Sunday, April 11, 2010

We have had a great weekend, learning tons of new techniques at the Mini Ranger U .  Techniques this weekend included everything you could possibly want to know about and do with an Adirondack dabber, the a - z of pigment pearls, dry, wet, spritzed, shimmered, painted, glitzed, grunged,, dyed, sprayed, and then we tripped the light fantastic with inks, Pigment, Dye, Archival, Adirondack, Distresss. In between we laughed, ate, chatted, ate, photographed, tapped toes to music, ate, drank tea, laughed some more, concentrated, sucked lollipops, ate, shopped, shopped, shopped some more, ate and generally had a whale of a time...!!!..d

The Resident bit of Glamour, made an appearance in the shop on Saturday and busied herself with interior designing the kitchen and making gorgeous bunting to hang from the windows. The Goddess has been working a lot of nights at the restaurant so was having a lie in. She did make an appearance later to save me doing major overrings on the till, lol. I am sooooo proud of them, they have turned into proper little ladies...

Full of grace and poise...

Oh okay, maybe not..!!! lol...Haven,t a clue where they get it from...!!!!!

Here we go on day 2, fully engrossed and paying attention...yeah right...!!!

What do you think is causing the queue...?

Yup, they are queing to do the ironing, lmao. How often do you get to see that..???

All too soon it is over and time to go home.

Heres, Jen, Jak, Olwen, Kirsty and Julie.

Olwen, Dee, Anne and Maureen.

Karen, Pauline and Lynette

Pam, Chris and Anne.

Thankyou ladies you were a delight to teach and your enthusiasm was brilliant. counting the days to Ranger 2 and 3.. Continue along, playing, experimenting, realising nothing is wrong, enjoying, relaxing, sucking lollipops, and just being..!!!!

Thanks again Pam for the scrummy food and the constant tidying and washing up..!!!!

I am finally starting to turn a corner and feel better. Mind you its taken 2 wks... I actually went out again this weekend to 2 soul do,s. Ooh I,m such a gaddabout now arent I.?? I love my Northern Soul music and started going to Wigan Casino from the age of 14 ish and have always tried to still go to do,s. The last couple of years I haven,t been too successful due to work commitments, but I really miss it, so my New March resolution is to  give it more importance and to free time to go. I love the music, I love the dancing, I love the atmosphere, I love being with old, old, friends, I love that it makes me feel great. Therefore I feel it is a necessity for my personal and creative growth. Well thats what I,m sticking to lmao.

Just see if you can recognise anyone on this photo...

Yup bottom right hand corner, stretching my neck to see ( was really little back then. ) This was taken at the Casino about 1977/8 I would have been 14/15 at the time. I often remember live acts but cant remember a film crew, at all. This pic was taken from a little montage video, below.

Enjoy and KTF...XX


ForgedinPaper said...

Having just spent the last two hours ironing with the only relief watching Pinapple Dance Studios while doing it I had a giggle at the ironing queue! I would have been at the back of that queue. It all sounds lots of inky fabby fun, one day soon!

Kirsti said...

That would be the ONLY ironing I would be doing Dy... Don't believe in it myself!!!...Looks like the Ranger U was a big success...x

chrisg said...

Hi Dyan - Your new gaff looks lovely - all bright & airy - I'm all for your new March resolution (KTF) - Love the NS clips you put on your bloggie but this one made me laugh sooo much - Have you noticed at 1.02 - that geezer has 6fingers!!!
He'll be alright for crafting RFLMAO

Mrs Wonka said...

The new studio looks FAB! I will come and see you soooooooooon!

Z x

Kaz said...

Glad you're starting to feel better again. Looks like fun at the weekend x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Thanks for the little montage of Wigan Casino, I'm a fan of Northern Soul but never went there.
Fab Ranger weekend pics wish I'd been there - but loking forwared to the Character weekend in June :)
Anne xx

cockney blonde said...

Hi Dyan, just found the link for the young girl's blog (age 13) which you may like to look through
She seems to be a really talented young lady.
You've probably forgotten we talked about it last Thursday at the workshop as hopefully you've slept since then, lol.
Anyway, take a peek and on sleep countdown now to the end of the month.
BTW Enjoy Egypt, x

Sandra Hall said...

I almost felt like I was at Wigan for a moment there! Oh when we used to come out of that stinky place on a morning and breathe in the fresh (non sweaty!!) air. But that beatin' soul rhythm is just in your blood - I understand your passion - you gotta KTF.

Craphty said...

What happens on Ranger 3?

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott