Monday, April 19, 2010

Come and join the fun

Well we have a bit of celebrating to do next month, we are celebrating the opening of the new shop and studio. It is heaven in there, we can see the outside world and even if it is miserable out, I still love to see it. We still can't find loads of things at the moment but I,m sure we will eventually, lol. Art from the Heart is also 9 yrs old and so we felt a big celebration was the order of the day. The big event is happening on

Sat/Sun 8/9th May

Art from the Heart's Mad Hatters Tea party

We have lots and make and takes for you to try, I will be demoing all day, there will be little competitions and of course a big raffle. All the profits from these will be, as usual, going to The Young Carers, a charity that was extremeley dear to my Mum;s heart. There will of course, as expected at a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, gorgeous cupcakes and delightful tea. (any donations will be gratefully recieved, lol).
Everyone who wears a Mad Hatter's hat will get 10% off any purchases, and the wackier the better..!!! There will be a prize for the best hat each day. two conditions:-

  1. the hat can be made from anything apart from an actual hat.

  2. you have to be wearing it.
So whos game..???

Confirmed guests:-

Me , the Maddest Hatter of all, lol
Our Ben
The Goddess
Resident bit of Glamour
Kitchen fairy Pam
Bezzi Sue
Sexy Susie
The lovely Katie
The most beautiful granddaughter in the whole world
Fabby Dabby Kirsty Wiseman
Uncle Tom Cobley

I can envision loads of laughs, much stuffing of faces, hilarious hats, a roaring raffle, marvelous make and takes, plentiful prizes and a partidge in a pear tree...!!!

So this is your official "Save the Date"

See you all there with your hats. Make up optional, lmao

Enjoy xx


Kirsti said...

Oh I do wish I could come...Sounds like it will be blast!!! I am going to do a Mad Hatters Tea Party for the little one's 5th birthday in July...Have fun...xox

Sandra Hall said...

Have we got to wear makeup like in that piccie?? That would be fun...I dare you! I might get to sneak up on the Saturday (I will try my very hardest!!) Martin and Niamh are coming from Belfast that weekend :)

Jude said...

That weekend is free...and it doesn't take THAT long to drive down really, does it?!? Would have been there with bells on (my hat) if we weren't already coming for a play couple of weeks later!! Can't wait to read all about it. xx

Laura (Faerielore) said...

oh man why do i not live nearer this is sooooo up my street and i love a crazy kooky creation i want to make and wear a mad hat !!!!! maybe i will wear one at home and pretend im there hahahahaha

have a brilliant time, sulk sulk hehehehe xxxx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Wow sounds like great fun Dyan, count me in ;) I've put a reminder on my moby to make a hat as it's the best way for me to remember things!
Anne xx

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to be there.. WITH a big hat.... I'd look like this I wish you a lot of fun!!

olive said...

I'll be there.... with a cake of course! Ciao

Unknown said...

*coughs n snorts loudly to clear ones throat*

Ahem . . . coooeeeyy I'm here (waves like a spider on a vibrant acid trip) . . .

Does this take me out of the naughty girls corner then ? I mean, I like being here in the naughty corner, but it's not much fun on my own *pouts pathetically n kicks the carpet petulantly*

Date checked - tick
Date written in diary - tick
Date written on calendar - tick
Date tattooed on forehead - tick
Cake recipes decided - BIG TICK
Hat ideas generated - BIGGER TICK
Bestest tea cup n saucer cleaned n ready for festive action - BIGGEST EVER TICK

How good am I ? *grins*

Love n wobbly hugs n big snogs
Red x

P.S. You will text n remind me though, just in case lol, won't ya ? ? ?

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