Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pieces of Eight

Now you all know that I have the most girly girl granddaughter - NOT...!!!

Hows about this for Fancy Dress. Yes shes Captain Jack.  She is so like Emmi its unbelievable.Unlike Jay, our resident bit of glamour, Emmi wouldnt wear anything girly, play with anything girly, do ANYTHING girly.. but shes turned out all feminine and gorgeous, so I,m not worrying.

She stayed over last night and we made loads of jib jab videos, played with water pistols, did sticking and cutting, Easter egg hunting, had sausage and egg, watched Scooby Doo, did a bit of Northern Soul dancing and other Friday night activities. Her Mum came round for coffee this morning and so we had to go through it all again, lol.

After they had departed I got a sudden urge to springclean, not sure where that came from, lmao. It was clean some, rest some, polish some, rest some, sweep some, rest some. All the while listening to my Northern and fitting in a bit of dancing and twirling.!!! Its all done now, so I thought I would surprise you all and blog early.

Some more glimpses of workshops.

I keep forgetting to upload the Wendy Vecchi samples ( she will throttle me when she finds out.) but they are yummy. I,ve used all the new Distress and some old and made tags and cards finished off with a touch of Idea-ology. We still have places left HERE. will try to find the pics for you.

Then we have a Tim class. again using the gorgeous new Distress colours and his latest stamp releases. Heres just a few, I have made tons more since then. book HERE

This next workshop was extemely popular, so much so I have had to put The art of Doodling 2 in this brochure as well..!! I will start you off with simple doodles on painted backgrounds, and as your confidence increases I will drag you by the hand through all the basics. Its sooooo simple once you are shown, promise. We will be making pages for your inspiration. Book HERE

Oooh look, vines are in the next one, amongst many other techniques I will sneak peek another day. If you cant wait you can book HERE

And after a lot of asking, pleading, bribing and brute force..!!!  I have given in and added 2 character painting weekends. You will be learning all the techniques needed to paint your own collage canvas character - drawing, faces, painting, shading, collaging, doodling...
You can alter the colour scheme and design to suit you so that you end up with your own truly unique canvas. Your canvas will be slightly smaller than my sample, due to "can't blooming get that size anymore," lol

There are 2 weekends available, book HERE and HERE

Ooh Bezzie Sue has finally turned up, shes only 1 and 3/4 of an hour late.!!!! Shes making tea and then we are gonna play in our journals, yayy...,

And then I am out tonight at a Northern Do at Keighley, think I,ll be doing more sitting than dancing tho, like a little old woman, lmao.... I,ll keep you informed... I,ll leave you with a little taster...

Enjoy xx


Diane said...

Love the look of that doodling and those vines, Dyan and I'm so glad you're feeling a little better.

See you on Thursday.
Diane x

Kaz said...

Lmao, she really is saying ahaaaa isn't she? Best pirate I've seen, even Mr Depp xx

Virginia said...

Loving the post Dyan and your method of cleaning whilst getting over being poorly is genius! Loving Captain Jack and all those gorgeous classes! Absolutely awesome, hope you had a splendiferous evening out and managing a little bit of dancing!


Sandra Hall said...

Maisie looks great in her fancy dress - who came up with the outfit, she could really be saying "ahaahhr Jim lad" he he he! (although exactly who Jim is, I don't know!) What on earth are jib jab videos???? (I'm not a Grandma yet and I will need to know these things!!)
Now don't be laughing at me here but we went to a Northern bash last night.... only it wasn't on last night - it's TONIGHT!!! aaagh - Andy check the dates BEFORE I get togged up, maked up, psyched up and all that!!!
Glad you're pulling round a bit
x x x x x x x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Glad you're back on your feet ;) Love the doodling, I've had a little go since the fabby 'Fabby Dabby' weekend. And thanks for the music -fantastic!
Anne xx

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