Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One plus one equals fabby journal..!!

Well you would think I would now be all bright eyed and bushy tailed, wouldn't you..????Well the answer is a simple no..!!! I know, I know, whats going on..???Whatever it is I wish it would go away as it appears to be draining me of all my life force and my ability to write my usual long blog posts...I,m teaching 20 kids all day tomorrow, so that just might finish me off completely, lol...!!!

One of the biggesr comments I get about my art journaling is

"well it must be easy for you to create good journal pages, having all these fab products to use...!!"

Admittedly I do have access to some fabulous products, but it isn't about how many products you use rather the quality of the product. So I decided to create a journal which needed only 2 pieces of equipment, yup you heard me 2 items.I chose the white pen from Ranger ( love this little beauty) and a black paged journal...and then I just played, and doodled, and played and doodled...I absolutely love this journal. You should give it a go. It is sooo freeing not having to have tons of equipment with you.


Now don,t forget this is one of my personal journals so I never worry if I draw something wrong or crooked.. Its the journey , not the destination that counts..!!!!  I also get a lot of comments saying that it,s fine for me to talk because I can draw..!!!!  That couldnt be further from the truth....I have never been able to draw, and was banished from art at school. But I always wanted to draw and so in the last 6 - 9 months I have been practising loads,,,and lo and behold, its quite passable. Its like I say, the more you do it the more able you become.

Ok need to sleep now

Enjoy xx


FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Roll on the Egypt hols for you I think. A good rest will do you the power of good. And as for the little green dragon, well I think he's having far too much fun, I suspect he won't want to come home, and I can't say I blame him. I think he's done as much travelling as I have in my whole lifetime, lol.

Luv Dee xxx

Ophelia said...

This page is incredible. Simply amazing!

Jude said...

Black and white. If only everything were so simple... Love the journal pages - totally agree...think I work best when things are simplified, choices removed and possibilities come from the limitations. Saying that, nothing like a good play with loads of STUFF and seeing what happens there too. Gotta love art and all its forms!

p.s. Got a room at The Swan - yay!! Any joy with my carelessly abandoned necklaces at the Premier Inn?!? xx

Lynne said...

Dyan, these pages are awesome!! Love that you only used the white pen & black journal page!! It does show that you don't need tons of products to make something beautiful! Like they say "K.I.S.S"

olive said...

you obviously need a holiday.... loving the black and white takes me back to the 60's... nearly everything then was black and white including makeup!!! look after yourself. Ciao

Virginia said...

Ooh Dyan your pages are lovely you might even inspire me to crack open my black journal again - last time I touched it was when I did my 'difficult subject' page - the one I then had to journal about elsewhere to deal with the mental grief - but I may now pick it up as yours is looking gorgeous.


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