Saturday, April 17, 2010

Can you spot which is Emmi's mug...????

Oh yes, thats the one, lmao....

The lovely Katie has been into the studio today and spied the new felt kits that we have in. So I set her to work on one. She had life and has stashes more away to make another time. lol..

 The Merino wool

Planning the design

soaking it

rubbing it  all together

Is it under there.?

Yayy the finished piece... Neat eh..???

When we have more made they will be chopped up and adoring the studio windows as bunting..

Remember me telling you I was having a draw off with Gorgeous Georgia..??? Well she came to the studio yesterday and I taught her some doodling. Just look at the beautiful page she produced...

Heres another page she had already made for her journal

Its not finished yet but I think its absolutely fabby. Well done

Now for a little moan.. Have you ever found that some people can be really unhelpful..??? I experienced it at the gym this morning. Me and the girlies joined together and during the induction we were asked if we had any questions.

All I asked was if I would be back in a size 10 bikini by Thursday. He instantly replied no, just like that. Didn't try to offer me an alternative size, or an exchange, just no, you won,t. And he was laughing.  I tell you customer service is just not the same these days...!!!!! lol

Enjoy xx


Jayne C said...

So glad we got to see Georgia's finished page!! Thanks for a lovely day....Mum really enjoyed it and has been stroking her book all afternoon!! Hope flights are up and running soon and that you have a FABBY holiday!
Love Jayne xx

Virginia said...

Definitely spotted which cup was whose - loving the felting kit - seen quite a lot of felting recently and it looks adorable I tell you absolutely vintage and gorgeous and glorious etc. The journal pages are fantastic love how she's embraced the doodling way to go!

As for customer services I don't know what's happening these days LMAO! If you do find the secret of a size ten by Thursday let me know love to join you on that one!

borgqueen said...

Awe - that's my girl - thank you for giving her the opportunity - we had big big smiles when I showed her her journal pages on your blog - and her chosen pic of me is the best i've looked in years!
Love the felt stuff that Katie's done too.

patcrafts said...

Well that made me laugh lmao I can just imagine YOU asking that question! Did he have a sense of humour I hope so. Best laugh I've had all day looking forward to some more tomorrow.
P xx

Traceyr said...

Love that felting well done Katie. Cheeky bugger at the gym. :)

Jayne C said...
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Kirsti said...

Sounds like your gym guy has had a sense of humour bypass and I can SOOO imagine you asking that with a deadpan face and voice...lm(ws)ao...I always leave exercise to the fit ones!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow... that felt is gorgeous! I did that once... long time ago. You inspire me to get on with it and do it once again but oooohhh - all the things I want to do and the little time I have. Never enough hours in a day! Have a great weekend, with or without bikinis!

Siobhan Brignull said...

you aught to join my gym, they have a sense of humour there, and its well needed when Im there I can tell you

olive said...

lurving the pages, well done Georgia... must get those stamps and the felt kits are amazing... oh well he can only throw me out once!!!! keep the faith. Ciao

Sandra Hall said...

The felting looks might interesting! I'm hoping this volcanic ash isn't gonna affect your holiday. x x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Love the pages :) The felting kits are goreous, I have lots of felt but see I need some brighter colours!
Anne x

Michelle Custodio said...

I love the doodling...So adorable, just perfect for card making.

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