Monday, September 21, 2009

Just look at the size of that..!!!!

Have you missed me....??? Want to know where I,ve been and what I,ve been doing..??? Well it was nowt exciting , I have been in bed all day, yes that's right all day..!!!! Quelle horreur..!!!

Life has been pretty much nonstop for the last 4 weeks ( err make that 4 yrs!) and I am absolutely cream crackered, so when the alarm went off this morning, i text Our Ben and Ems, and rolled over. Now you all know that I don't sleep but when I opened my eyes it was 11.15am. Woww. Next thing I knew the phone was ringing and it was 1.30. Holy Bejeezus!!! How did I manage that. So then I stayed there, doing what I love the most, Art Journaling whilst stuffing my little chubsy face with Wispa bars. Both are food for the soul and boy, was this soul hungry. I had a right unexpected kick in the teeth this weekend, but you know what, bollocks to it..!!! As the song goes, I,m gonna pick myself up, dust myself down and start all over again. Yayyyyyy!!!

Ok Sunday was a fabbidabulous day. It was the Art Journaling. Now we always have a good attendance but I dont know where they all came from yesterday. They just kept turning up and up and up. More chairs, more tea, ooh and cream caked from the lovely Clare. Welcome to newbie journalers Pat , Sexy Suzy and Moreish Marie, who join the happy band that we are. Although to outsiders it does look more like care in the community, lmao.

I was determined to keep control of them for once, and also determined that they were going to actually do some work for once..!! So I had devised a plan, they had to concentrate and do as I say, and amazingly they did, even the lovely Kate who always wanders off on her own little journey, lol. Going to try and be firm with them again and just check it wasn't a one off!!

I had decided that today I was giving them a blueprint of a double page that they could copy, refer to , use, alter, whatever they wanted. As long as it gave them that much needed size 7 Dr Martin up their cute little derrieres. I forgot to take pictures yesterday to prove they did work so you,ll have to take my word for it.

Here's my finished sample compromising of, paint effect, stamping, collaging, outlining, bordering , doodling, colouring, writing, loving...

To see some examples of their fabby art work , here's some links.
The lovely Pat who started another when she got home.
The very previously dubious Ann, who only came back cos I bullied her ( who Moi.? ), and who finally got it, Yayy. She is now well and truly hooked and reeled in. I tell you , I get you all in the end, lmao.
And then to the now famously many times published Kate with her gorgeous version.
Wish I had photographed them all, cos they were gorgeous. And we are doing it all again tomorrow, so if you re up to nowt, get yourself down, no equipment necessary, apart from chocolate!
Oh and can I just say after reading all the comments on the above 3 blogs from those who say " Ooh I must get down to Dyan,s one of these days" Less talking about it and more doing ladies..!!! You know you want to, you know you need to , you know you can't continue through life much longer without it, so get off your butts and join me. Blue lollipops are waiting enticingly...Mentioning no names but SUE FROM GRIMSBY, yes you..!!!!!! What excuse can you possibly have now, you lady of
Oooh forgot to say , Preview went fantastically, lol. Loads and loads of classes booked, lots of new faces from the Great Northern Papercraft Show, and yes goddammit, you were booking on the painting classes, Yayy, yayy, and frikkin yayy...!!!!!!! Mr Unbribeable will have them all online some time tomorrow so that you can book your places. Those of you signed up for the newsletter will get first hand notice, those of you who haven't , wont, lol. To sign up for the Newsletter go HERE., and be amongst the first to get news of new products, workshops, open days, events and of course any hot juicy gossip....
So on to ME, ME, ME..!!! I have started yet another!!! Art Journal.. Oh yes I think that's 8 on the go at once now. Take a look at this one.

Notice anything different this time??? Yup that's right its blooming massive. Its an A4 Portrait book, so its very very looooooooooong compared to the width, perfect for my type of images. Just look at it next to my faithful Moleskine.

Coooooool, isn't it. Tell you what, it aint half time consuming, but I just Frikkin luuuurve it, And that's what has been keeping me tied to my bed for the rest of the day. For those of you new to the blog, I do actually get out of the bed, but only to bring all my paints etc back, plonk them on the top and start creating. Its a good job that I prefer the single life because my brand spanking new white ( YES you heard me correctly, what on earth was I thinking.? ) is now sporting Polka Dots, oops, lmao....

What do you reckon..??? Its a bit big for my regular Starbucks haunts isn't it..??
Enjoy xx


Paper Paradise said...

'SUE FROM GRIMSBY' WILL be coming, don't you worry! The more I see these art journals, the more I know I need to do one, or two or more. Plus I can't wait to catch up, it's been too long. SO, look forward to seeing you soon.

Sue xxx

Unknown said...

oh I so want to come and do some art journalling with you!! Will have to make it this time to book on the beginners day. Love the pages you have done.

Emma xx

Kirsti said...

these are amazing as always Dyan.... x

flutterbycrafter said...

Yeah, had a fabby day and really got back into it. And guess what, I'm down in Essex (cleaning for my daughter!!!!) and have brought my journal, dabbers, pens, Inktensils etc. and have already done 2 background pages and will start cutting out of her fabby expensive mags later today. Thanks once again Dy, I think a fantastic day was had by everyone and can't wait for the next, get me booked on it girl. xx

Cath said...

Love the new size, but I think I will stick to the smaller for now(big pictures small writing)lol

Laura (Faerielore) said...

WOW LOVE these pages, Bigger is always better hahahahaha (although when i do finally start a journal, which i REALLY want to do, it will be a small one hehehe) i want to live close so i can come to the journaling classes - sulk sulk, sniff sniff !!!!!

thekathrynwheel said...

Oh it's a whopper! I lurve your big journal. Me thinks I NEED one too :-) Maybe put it on my list for Santa. Had a great day on Sunday as usual . . . .

Lesley Edmonds said...

Wish you weren't so far away:( or I'd be there.
I don't know where you get your energy from.
Love the journalling!
Lesley x

Kaz said...

So glad you had success with the previews and journalling classes, but sorry you had something not so good.
I thinkbeing single and crafting is brill as you can leave stash everywhere and nobody moans. I have paint on my floor but luckily it's laminate. It goes nice with the gems and scraps of paper.

Make sure you're rested up xx

Darcy Marshall said...

ooo gorgeous new journal, thanks for your comment on my first page, not had time to do anymore yet. I have been too busy learning Romanian, but I did receive an unexpected treat of a big tin of Inktense pencils....not entirely sure what to do with them LOL

Sandra Hall said...

One day I'll be at a journal know I journal on and off (the rather plain kind compared to this!!!)and I have made a start but I drool when I see your pages! they are fab so I will come and pick up all your fabulous tricks to get "that look" that I love.
x x

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Yikes you make me tired just reading what you're doing.

Don't know you keep track of it all. Crazy Crazy Crazy.

Live the big journal. I've an A2 one here, fancy giving it a go? lol

Luv Dee xxx

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Glad your preview day went so well.
Your pages are fab as usual, can't believe the size of the new book.
I suppose when your an expert like you its not that daunting, but it sure scared me!! :-)
Michelle xx

Sharon said...

I am not surprised you had a lie in - you need it with all teh hours you put in!!

I love your new pages - my favourite is teh one with the lady wearing the big sunglasses.

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