Sunday, September 13, 2009

High heels and high points..!!!

Day 2 of the Harrogate show. Thought I would show you some of the boards we had on display. You will notice all the "no photos" signs on them. I am always in trouble at shows with some people because I don't allow photos. It isn't that I don't want you to know what to do with the products, it just drives me mad at shows.Very few people are polite enough to ask if it is allowed,and many feel that the purchasing of one piece of paper gives them the right to photograph every single sample, lol. When you visit the studio for workshops you are quite welcome to take photos, and most of the samples are , in fact, on the website or showcased here on the blog. And if you need it we will always email you a pic over, unless it is for future workshops, or magazine work, of course.
So on to the boards.
New Blonde Moments

Tim Holtz stamps

Tim and Technique board

Alcohol ink, Techniques and Beeswax.
Paper Artsy and Blonde Moments

Blonde Moments and Shimmer Sprays

Blonde Moments

Blonde Moments and Paper Artsy

I taught another busy breakfast workshop. The gorgeous Sexy Suzy came all the way from Newcastle to help.

Time to shut them up with the blue lollipops.

works every time..lmao..!!!

which is more than I can say for these three..!!!!

Well you know how I love to label things.!!!!

The day flew by and I caught up with lots of old mates and much tea was drunk. Breaking down of the stand is always a nightmare, but the lovely Dawn, Bezzie Su and the gorgeous Howie helped us do it in record time. I won the award for most glamorous breaking down of stander. Here I am unloading the van with my very high, very strappy, very bondage sandals, 12 hours after putting them on this morning.

I got a gorgeous surprise when I got back to the studio. The lovely Pat dropped me a pressie off on the stand, with strict instructions not to open it till after the show. Well I was nearly in tears when I did. She has made me an altered book, with the theme being me and the inspiration I have given her. How stunning is that. I was completely overwhelmed and am soooooo honoured to be in receipt of such a precious gift. I am struggling to explain how much this means to me, that someone can make such a beautiful piece of work and then give it as a girt. It must have taken months to complete.

Struggling to hold the tears back.

Everything I have taught her was included. Look at this ace accordion envelope book.

Ooh gorgeous pull out drawers
Ooops they were filled with hearts, which fluttered everywhere....!!!!Howie and Emmi to the rescue
I will show you the book in more detail tomorrow. Thank you Pat from the bottom of my heart, I cant find the words to express the gratitude I feel, but I am humbled at the time and effort you have bestowed upon it. I will treasure it always. xxx
Enjoy xx


Unknown said...

Thanks for a fabulous workshop as ever Dy - loved playing with the paints and of course had to buy some lol. Looks like you had fun even though it must be such hard work. I too think you have been an inspiration for me and feel you have taught me all I know :0) In fact ive blogged about that today too! Cant wait till the Ranger University in 2 weeks time though I think you may need more lollies to shut Emma, Bee and Me up!

Helen said...

You have some great friends/students! The boards look great - you can normally not get close enough to see them at the Pally, but I shall try!

Chris Steer said...

Lovely to see you yesterday - the stands look even better in the flesh! What a fab pressie - don't think I'd ever be able to give something so precious away - a gift to remember forever. It just shows what effect you have on people Dy xx

Traceyr said...

Thanks Dyan for putting the technique and sample photos here so I can have a good look. :) You can never get close enough or stand still long enough at the shows to properly look. haha

I know what you mean about the photographers - they get on my nerves too and I'm not even a stall holder. hahaha.

Glad the show and the new range launch has gone so well.


Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Sounds like you had a great show.
What do you have to do to get one of those special lollies??? :-)
The pressie you got looks fantastic
What a lovely thing for that lady to do.
Just shows how fabby you are. :-)
The sample boards look fantastic.
Michelle xx

Virginia said...

I agree on the photographers issue - they were a complete pain -it was the first time that we'd been to the Papercraft show and those wielding cameras were an absolute nightmare! Glad you survived the show and what a gorgeous book! HOpe you're having a good day!

Unknown said...

had a fabby workshop and I can't wait to do more in a weeks time. I hate taking piccies at shows because it is rude and ignorant when you are blocking other peoples way into the stall to buy scrummy stuff.

Don't know what Janet is on about, i promise I will be quiet most of the first hour at RU!!

Emma xx

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