Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The result is in...

Okay, I know you are all waiting with baited breath to see the car crash that is my hair, lol. After frightening Our Tom to death when he brought me a cuppa this morn, I went and washed it a couple of times. I also scrubbed my skin until almost raw!!!! And after getting my slap on and winding on a bright bandana, I was ready to face the mirror. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnddddd...?????

Alothough I hate to admit it, I actually frikkin like it.!!!!!!!!!!! Not that I will let Mrs Notso Wiseman know, lol. What do you think...???

The bandana is made from left over fabric from the dress, after I had, cropped, shortened, streamlined and completley gave it the "Dy" treatment. took me about 30 mins, cool eh..???
We spent most of the morning on a photo shoot. new promo photos have been called for, and so thats what we did. Any of you who know Kirsty will know she is the only one I trust to take them, I hate having my photo taken ( I know, I know, it doesnt look like it does it..???, lol. But I have to have photos for the blog I just don't have to look at them).
We were in the kitchen having a cuppa when she spied all Maisie's toys in the garden...That was it, she had me out and doing triple salco's on the trampoline. Well thats what it frikkin felt like, anyway...

"jump as high as you can, strike a pose, look at the camera, smile ....oh and try to look really natural"

Wtf...???? Is she completely barking or what.??? Look natural..?? doing all that. I'm a 47yr old Grandma, remember. lolling on the trampoline with a bottle of beer, is acting naturally..!!!!! lmao.
Then it was on the swings, which my fat ass can only just squeeze into.!  Then change from dockers to Carvellas. My highest heels were order of the day for some warehouse shots. Unfortunately we picked the only day the loading bay was in use, which was a bit embarassing, as, it was mainly busy with workmen. Still I,m sure the heels made their day, lol.
Seriously though, when we had a quick flick through they looked fabby, can't wait to see them, in the flesh, so to speak... If you want seriously good photos, with an original twist to them, then Kirsty's your gal. Go on , treat yourself, you know you are sooooooooooooooooo worth it, lmao.

One of the girlies who came on the last Ranger weekend, The lovely but loopy Lou, is head of an art department in Manchester. Middleton Technology school, and she sent me some of her year 10's work. |How cool is this..?? Well done year 10 and how lucky to have such a fabby art teacher..


Right I need to go drag the sewing machine back out and create some more fabulous creations, lol. Tomorrow or Friday ( not sure which, lol ) I will post another art journaling step by step for you all.
Until then

Enjoy xx


suzyq said...

Hi Dy, well I think your hair looks fab. I had a similar experience when Sarah did my hair. We have a tiny shower room only just big enough to swing a mouse and it USE to be all white. Lol
Loving the journal pages, and exellent work by those budding new artists in Manchester. sue x

Virginia said...

The hair looks fabulous I don't know what you were fussing about LOL (actually I stopped going to hairdressers because I seemed to have more on my skin than on my hair so only ever do an at home dye). Can't wait to see your promo photos and how fantastic are those gorgeous art journals - what a fantastic teacher to have! Hope you're having a grand day!

Clare with paint in her hair said...

alot better than the last time i dyed my hair at home... but i did want to go red and being blonde well...... it was a good job i was at art college as it was various shades of pink for a few months

Love the black!!! looking good, cant wait to see the new promo shots


Diane said...

The hair looks great, Dyan - I especially love that!!
Diane x

Kaz said...

Well I like your hair too- it suits you being all funky like.
Do you know, if I had an art teacher to encourage this type of work at school, I think I may have scraped a pass at O xx

thekathrynwheel said...

Yeah, the hair looks cool :-) I have managed to dye all the towels, the shower curtain, the bathroom carpet, and there is a few splats on the wall too hahah! Glad you got it off your skin tho - dying your entire head is taking the gothic look a step too far! Kate x

borgqueen said...

did something change??
you still look fabulously gorgeous
i say good job kirsty ;o)

Sandra Hall said...

You look Brillamondo! The bandana look suits you anyway so you still look cool - ok - the hair is a shade darker but it looks great... that the dress you made...its made Dyan von ********* disappear! Make me one! x x

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