Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Woop, woop, new things to play with..!!!

Yayy, you asked, I listened, I did..!!! Oh yes I have finally played around with my artwork to give you some digital download collage sheets. They are up on the website HERE. They are to use as you wish, in your journals, atc,s, collage, cards, tags and uncle Tom Cobley an all..!!!! Once you,ve purchased them, you download them to your computer and save them for ever and ever and everer...You can then crop them, re size them, stretch them, print them, cut them, stick them. The only thing you cant do is claim it as your own, lol. Oh and please, please no emailing them between friends, respect the download fairy Karma....

This is Ephemera DL1

This is Ephemera DL2

Ephemera DL3

Ephemera DL4

Ephemera DL5

Ephemera DL6

Ephemera DL7

Don't worry if you are not sure what to do with them. I will be posting loads of examples soon for you, Send me pics or your work as well and I,ll showcase them on here.
This is what we made in to nights tag class. Spot the houses ..?? They are from Ephemera sheet
DL4. I just re sized them slightly., printed them out stuck them on to a tag and doodled over the top. Just love the traditional reindeer flying over the tops of the whimsical houses...

I will be setting a challenge any day now, using the downloads, with prizes and blue lollies up for grabs..!!!! In the meantime get over to the website and get them bought, lol.
Enjoy xx


Kirsti said...

Oh My Word Dyan... they are fan..bloody..tastic... Love them... Just need to get the last of these christmas fairs over with and I will be able to get on with some of my own stuff..lol...great work...Kirsti xx

The Scrappy Tree said...

Ooh, how exciting!! Lovely lovely collage sheets to play with :)

Great job on the tags! I am still working one for autumn and feeling slightly behind LOL

borgqueen said...

love them love them love them....have spent hours cutting out and playing already!

I cant wait for the challenge, am going to get a new identity so my entries can be anonymous as am in need of blue lollies to crunch on ;o)

Thank you, as always for provision of an expansion pack to the art therapy ;o)

Sadly I cant survive on your rations of sleep so got to go and get some Zzzzzzz now, will be dreaming of frogs and legs and that nice man in Chris's journal - lol xxx

ForgedinPaper said...

Yes miss. Do you promise about the blue lollies? I did a grumpy page at work today and it was needing something, you must have picked up my grumpy vibes. Great tags.

Unknown said...

Thanks Dyan, I love messing around with digital images on my mac. It started with digital scrapbooking but is now so much more. Thanks so much for the lovely digital stuff, as soon as payday comes along I'll be buying some!

olive said...

I think they are fabby, dabby, definitely going to get those. Hope you've got plenty........ you are a star! Keep the faith, Ciao

Kirsti said...

Oh wow... how wondeful these are... thought i posted a comment yesterday but obviously not...duh... I am totally in awe of your artistic work Dy and someday I hope to be as good as you...Kirsti x

Lyn said...

OMG these are fab Dy - brilliant if fact !!!! I HAVE to have some !!! In fact I'm going shopping right now lol !
Lyn xx

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