Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sir Tim excels himself again!!

Just want to say you really need to check out Tim,s blog. Due to popular demand he is rerunning his 12 days of Christmas. All new samples, all new techniques, all new inspiration, all new pure genius!!! Hes on day 2 at the mo, and if you go leave a comment you may be in with the chance of winning some goodies, always a bonus. The website is going mad at the moment with people all wanting the products he is using, which is great but also means that there wont be much left for me at this rate lol. Word of warning we have none of his stamps left in stock and cant see them being replenished before Christmas, but we do have everything else if you are quick!!!!! Here's a quick look at the shelves of Ranger products all stocked up ready lol

I love to see them all like this - so sad ha ha .

Some of the Tues night ladies brought their advent boxes back to be photographed . They look gorgeous don't they???

Well I don't know about you but I am absolutely freezing. I just cant seem to get warm. I am taking anti freezing precautions and wearing all my fur lined knickers at once, Sunday to Saturday, in that order lol, to no avail. Only one thing for it . Lock myself into a warm room and follow Tim's 12 days of Christmas step by step. see ya tomorrow x

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