Thursday, December 4, 2008

Warm as toast

Yes I was right , the snow here was dreadful. No buses, no trains, abandoned cars!! I am so glad I shut the studio and I am tucked up warm at home. Finished off all the magazine articles that were overdue. ( Note I haven't mentioned the ones that are due lol) and I have been whizzing around the house titivating, I,ll tell you more about that tonight.
But what I need to say is GET YOURSELF OVER TO TIMS BLOG!!!!! Its Day 4 of 12 tags of Christmas and I luuuuuurrrrvvveee this one. It uses Claudines sticky back canvas, and I would never have thought to use it like this through a printer. Hes a genius isn't he??? Also covering the letters with multi medium and paper - Fabby O. The canvas comes in 12 x 12 or A4 size and you can buy them here. I just love nostalgic images and I think this is my favourite so far. I calm down a bit after the weekend so stay tuned for more tutorials from me.


Brian K said...

Oh I am excited for you to be doing one of Lance's classes! He is a blast! Very fun! Lance said he has taught 1000's of women and I was lucky # 7 of the only men he's had in a class. Say Hello from Brian! Thank you for brightening my day Dylan. I read you every day over breakfast and coffee!

Dylan said...

Aww thanks for that. Its lovely to get nice comments back. Is it too far for you to come and see him while hes here???

Lisa said...

Well it is very bad in Skipton too - it better go before the 16th cos I am coming over for the class (very excited!). See you soon! Lisa

Kirsty Wiseman said...

oooh you have male fans, Dy? but then again..........
tried ringing you today about decorating next week.
i have been super and duper today by finishing off shed loads of insanely boring stuff and now im paving my free time path towards the pickle monster class.
Miss ya

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