Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Journal your heART out!!

Sunday was the continuation of the art journal class, where everyone brought their journals back so we could go to town on all the covers. It was a bit of as techniquey day, where They learnt paint effects , Distress crackle, altering book pages, B/M crackle Glaze and tiling photos with B/M clear ultra thick embossing powder. It was a freezing cold day ( I think it was -7) and so the use of the heat guns was greatly welcomed. We had a really fun day despite the cold. If this carries on I might have to include in the materials list - fingerless gloves, big scarves and hot water bottles!! lol. Most people are still a bit frightened of the journalling and so haven't started that yet, they are waiting for the next class. Go on I dare you, just quickly add something over Christmas, if you don't like it we can paint over it later.

Someone who is loving the actual journalling itself is Kate. She has been creating beautiful artwork for a long time now but has seemed to have a mental block with anything above Atc size. Well hallelujiah, this now seems to have disappeared. Hop over to her blog http://www.thekathrynwheel.blogspot.com/ and have a look at some of her work. You may remember me talking about her before as I inadvertently got her hooked on The Claudine Hellmuth Studio Line. I have linked her on the side bar as well as I am loving her work and I think you will too.
I have finally found some time to finish my entry into Julias journal and so it is now ready to go which is great timing as Sacred Yolis journal has just arrived. I am now wondering whether to send them both together. Does anyone know anything about the American Postal system , as my journal posted 4th Nov is yet to get there. I have been warned not to send at this time of year in case it all gets lost. As these journals are irreplaceable I am not sure what to do.

Here is my work in Julias.

Here is Sacred Yolis work in her journal.

Just look at the detail around Our lady.

And here is Julias work in Sacred Yolis.

I think the female is actually a photo of julias own painting. Stunning!!

They are all stunning aren't they???
I,ll be back tonight with another post seeing as I missed last night. tut tut!!


thekathrynwheel said...

Oooh thanks for the shout Dyan :-) These journals look absolutely fab - v inspiring. Kate

Brian K said...

I think you need to come and teach in Los Angeles! Or better yet send me there! I wana go to your classes!!!!!

Dylan said...

Hey Brian I didnt realise you were from across the pond. How cool!!! Well build me up enough interest and I,ll teach next time I,m over ha ha x

juliaD said...

O.M.G..DYan, Your work in my journal looks so FABULOUS!!...I can't wait to get it home now...Thank you so much...!!!!
I wish I was there so I could take your classes too....

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