Friday, January 21, 2011

catch up..

Yes I am still here, just up to my eyeballs in everything.. Heres Sundays Art Journaling class ( yes I really am that far behind!! lol)

Productive - -yes, messy - extremeley yes !! lol

I am still in big sample making mode.

Will try and blog more over thee weekend..

Enjoy xx

PS the gorgeous gorgeous Lily, designer of the wonderful Octopode Factory has an offer over on her Etsy store. You can now buy 5 of her fabulous downloadable collage sheets for just £9.69 ($15). She has added some , be still my beating heart, fantastic new designs, that are essentials to any home, lol. I have been hoarding them all up ready for a massive creative attack when I get back from CHA. Pop over to her blog for more inspiration


olive said...

what a fantastic day Dy..... I absolutely lurved the technique you showed us. Think thats the way for me especially with your fabby shimmer inks....... Hugs xxxx

Laura (Faerielore) said...

The class looks great fun, YAY ill be sitting round that table in a few weeks woohoo cant wait :) the samples all look fab darling xxxx

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Was a fab day! Thanks for the fun everyone.

Miss Marple said...

Hi Dyan, just wanted to say that I put a post online inspired by your words...another "thing is still in my mind and growing. Thank you sooo much for the inspiration!
Have a nice weekend - Irma

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