Monday, June 28, 2010

The Land of Lilliput....

Finally Blogger has stopped playing it is only on a go slow..!!!! So here after another stressful 3 hours of not saving, crashing, screaming, wailing and gnashing of teeth is the weekends blog.

This was the very first ever character painting weekend, and I was a little apprehensive to say the least...Had I bitten off more than I could chew, teaching complete beginners to paint their own character...???  Well see what you think...

This is Jeanne (aka chocolate lady, and yes of course she brought chocolate with her...) It is her pearl wedding anniversary today....jeez is that 30 years..??? 3 life sentences, lol. My idea of hell as you all know, lmao....Anyway to celebrate she put the choccies in  gorgeous little bags she had made from pearly card. Yummy, just eating mine now...very healthy cos it contains oats and apricots, so combined with the very nutricious jaffa cakes and a banana bagel theres my 5 for the day sorted..!!! ( only joking J..!!! honest).

So heres her journey.....

Did you catch a glimpse of the bracelet she was wearing..?? She made it herself, from beads, it took her hours. I fell in love with it, the colours, the style, everything, and I'm not even a bead fan.  Imagine my surprise when she came in the next day and gave it to me as a gift.  Yes there was tears, lol. It has no metal on it whatsoever so I can actually wear it without erupting..!! Thanks babe I will treasure it. xx

Next up is the lovely Anne ( commonly known as Liverpool Lou).

I just love the way shes stood, all sweet and innocent (just like me..!!!lol). Anne christened her Miss Goody Two Shoes..!!!

Next we have another Anne


The ballet shoes were beautifully laced with organza ribbons, and despite suffering from a strange sickly pallor all weekend, she turned out the picture of health.

Sara had firm ideas in her head before she arrived, but wasn,t sure wether she could put them into practise..!!!



Ha ha she looks just like her..!!! She decided to christen her Ariadne...on behalf of her magical powers.

And last but not least Teresa.

She was absolutely chuffed to bits and is finally getting to find a little faith in herself, lol.

And then there was me.

This is my painted background oversprayed with my new inks.

Then I drew the design on.

halfway through the painting...

And here she is finished.
Meet Tallulah


Here they all are, displayed together. Look great, don,t they..???

Big thanks to the Lovely Katie for stepping in and organising a lot of the catering.
Had a brill surprise on Fri night, The Babe was supposed to be driving up to mine on Sat. He rang me around 10, sounding really miserable and down. The next minute he was walking into the studio, he'd sneaked up the fire escape. Yayyyy made my night. Shame He always has to go again though, lol.

Right well I,ve got preview projects coming out of my ears, so I need to scoot before Our Ben catches me, lmao.

Enjoy xx


flutterbycrafter said...

Wow, the characters are absolutely fantastic, well done to everyone, wish I could have been with you. I cannot believe that they have produced such brilliant work xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Oooh they all look fab don't they Dyan. Of course we needed all the help, guidance and encouragement you gave us. Your workshops are ace! We're so well looked after ;-)don't know whether you heard me say DD wouldn't be impressed - well she wasn't! Everyone else said how wonderful it was, she kind of half smiled and looked at it a few minutes and said 'it's a bit weird'. Argh!!! I told her I'd said she wouldn't be impressed. She's a philistine! LOL
Anne xx

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Looks like a fab weekend was had by all!!

Too many balls from hell on Tallulah!!


Kirsti said...

OMG..... thay are absolutely bloody fantastic every one of them...well done girlies!!!! them!!

Jude said...

I wanna do one of those!! Maybe in a Union Jack dress a la Geri Halliwell circa 1997...could do a Spice Girls tribute set of portraits perhaps?!? They all look fab and love seeing you all happy and loved up. xx

p.s. Booked into the guest house you recommended for the Dina weekend.

Kaz said...

Those are just gorgeous - that Tallulah's a strumpet!!

Ann-Marie said...

Fantastic canvases from everyone, looks a really fun project. Hope you will be doing it again - cos I want to play xxx

Darcy Marshall said...

Fab canvasses, loving Tallulah, that's awesome boobage! In fact I think I have boob envy lol

aww just look at you and your man making kissy faces, so cute.

thekathrynwheel said...

Wow! The canvases look great! Just wondering .... is Tallulah a self portrait? :-)

patcrafts said...

Fantastic canvases, they all look great but all individual. I've seen L'pool Lou's in real life and it is brill inspite of what DD says. I have a friend who's grand-daughter is called Tallulah, there's no resemblance.
See you Wednesday
P x

cockney blonde said...

WOW! What fantastic artwork from the ladies Dyan. Bet they had a brill weekend, x

borgqueen said...

Yes,Yes YES! love the work ladies but love even more the new date for art journals - am gonna so be there. Whooooop di whop or however you spell it.

There's a whole new meaning for shaded balls Tallulah...

and Pat you make me laugh - can so hear you saying your comment ;o)

Sandra Hall said...

The girls done real good! Everyone of 'em! And my how Boobylicious that Tallulah looks - just x x x

Diane said...

Looks like a great weekend was had by all and everyone produced fantastic work!
Diane x

olive said...

loving the canvas all so original.... maybe I will be able to get to a workshop if you hold it again..... Ciao

Unknown said...

I loved Tallulah! Being a red head myself, I could relate with her (minus the big boobs). Ha,ha. Very creative! The group looks like so much fun.

Siobhan Brignull said...

wow they are fab, I especially love Miss goody two shoes, the inks look great am getting excited cos i ordered them all this week and I cant wait, just please arrive tomoz and not sat when hubbie will notice package arriving, ooppps :)

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