Tuesday, June 22, 2010

and the winner is......?????

Ooooooooh thanks for all your fabby comments about the inks. Too many to pick randomly out of a hat, so I hopped onto the Random Number Generator site and it picked out a number............

True Random Number Generator

Max: 76
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

yup number 71.....

Mell said...
Oh Dyan, you keeped that one quite. They look fab would love to have a go with them xx

June 20, 2010 10:54 AM

So thats you Mell..!!!! are you coming for them or do you want them posting out....???

The new Altered Originals spray inks are just flying out the door, and whats so lovely is the fact that 99% of you have bought all 8 colours. Fan-frikking-tastic...!!!!!

Can I just say that you all have excellent taste...lmao..!!!!

I have had loads of questions which I will attempt to answer.

  1. Yes we have another 8 colours in the pipeline...
  2. No they are not going to be available for wholesale...
  3. Yes they are dye ink based...
  4. Yes they go beautifully with Adirondack Colourwash...
  5. yes they will stain your hands, they are DYE based, but wash off easy the day after....
  6. Yes I will be doing samples and how to's.
  7. No they don't contain pearls, these can be added seperatley.
  8. Yes the colours are translucent for stunning layering.
  9. Yes they are perfect for use in all your artwork.
  10. Yes I frikkin love them...how did you tell...???

Enjoy xx


Jude said...

Congratulations to Mell!! Sigh...never mind, will just have to go and place an order now...!! ;0) x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Congrats Mell :-) lucky girl
Can't wait to get some of these when I do the workshop this weekend Dyan ;-)
Anne x

Anne Essex said...

Congratulations Mell.
I'm looking forward to mine arriving later this week. I have my watercolour paper at the ready. x

Sandra Hall said...

Awww good on yer Mell! I am coming to get mine tomorrow!!! Yahdihoodi! Also, Mentor, you will be happy to hear, I have handed in my assignment (with that 'Its about educating' statement from you included!:D)so my brain is in full gear to create!
PS is the cafe up and running?

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Gosh, being busy don't half make you miss loads. And just look what I did miss. A comp for some of your lush new stuff. I'm gutted I tell ya. Anyways thanks for putting my cards on, I know they're not really your stylie but you have to go with the reader type, lol. Can I pinch a pic of the inks for my blog. I made up my own spritzers a few years ago with brighter colours because noone did them, but now here they are for us all. All made up and ready to go so thanks, it makes life so much easier for us. luv Dee xxx

barbara (AKA Bee) said...

Well done Mell.....Of course I shall just have to buy them now....I hope that there's some left.

Bee xx

Siobhan Brignull said...

oh poop so wanted to win them, now shall have to buy them bit by bit, just been to Kate Crane's page and she has done some lovely work with them, or perhaps be just as cheap to buy them all together, shall ruminate on that

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