Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Come and join us....

Ooooh looky at me, blogging at this early hour..????  Well I thought I,d have a change, then maybe I would get to bed at a reasonable time tonight...!!!! Well its worth a shot, don't you think..??? lol.

I,ve been making kits all morning for Saturdays workshop. This is what they look like.

And this is the finished product.

There are still a few places left. If you fancy joining us you can book HERE.

We still have the odd place left for Dina, due to a cancelled booking.

We have one place left on the 3 day bundle...HERE
One place on the Friday...HERE
Two places on the Saturday...HERE

Heres some of the work I produced with her last time. I just frikkin loved her workshops, I learnt sooo much, I was like a sponge and just soaked it all up. She is a fabulous teacher, so down to earth, just one of the lads really..!! lmao.

I,ve got some new additions in the studio, purely decorative and to add to the overall ambience of the place...(ooooh get me with my poshness..!!!!). As many of you know we have gone for a vintage, retro feel and this first item fits perfectly. I have been coveting this piece for a long, long time and I finally have it within my grubby little grasp... It is an original set of work lockers and I frikkin heart them.

We,ve cleaned them up and we just need to give them a few finishing touches and they can go in the shop. I am going to use them to display art. What do you think to them..???

The second items are of newer origin, but still fit in with all the retro objects we also have.  I just couldn't resist this set of suitcases........

Or this trunk and set of boxes, lmao....

I originally bought them for home, but Our Ben spotted them and loved them just as much...!!!  So did I just give in and not put up much of a fight for my beloved acquirements...??? No I just sweetly and calmly let him take them to display...Are you shocked..???? Well I,ll let you into a secret. When I let him have them, I was straight in the car and back round to buy them all again...ha ha .. but don't let on will you, he'll have my guts for garters again..!!

Ooh just had another delivery of the fabuloso Stampotique stamps. No matter how many we order they very often don,t even make it to the shelves. So I thought I would take a pic whilst they were still around. They can be ordered HERE

I,ve noticed for quite a while now that many of you are partaking in the WOYWW  (Whats On Your Workspace Wednesday), that Julia from the Stamping Ground started just over a year ago. The idea is you upload a picture of your workspace on a Wednesday, link it back to her blog and have a look at what the others (90 at last look) have been up to. Some people are spotless and others look like a bomb has hit with many in between. I have never managed to partake in it, due to whatever excuse will come into my head at the time, lol. Mine is actually in quite good order today so here we go..!!

This is one end of 5 workspaces, yes 5, I like to spread lol. There are lots of 7gypsies goodies that I am playing around with, the sample from tomorrows class, an empty packet of mango slices, a package from All Saints, my latest addiction - Marmite rice cakes - frikkin love them..!!! 2 Bind it alls for tonight, a bottle of French Rose Champagne and a jar of Bramble jelly. I know , I know what your're going to say. It all seems quite normal to me...lmao...

The other side has a can of Red Bull, my inky journals, my wooden bangles, a tin of Mulligatawny soup ( ooooph ), the latest copy of gay magazine reFRESH ( this monthe issue is full of big half naked rugby players, but thats obviously not why I bought it *innocenntly whistling and crossing fingers behind back*, I bought it for the serious features and to see if it was suitable for your perusal..!!!!) Honest..!! Trust me... my bezzie's a doctor remember...lmao.
Ok what else is there..?  lots of card for tonights kids class, the kits for Saturday, some empty trays, from a quick burst of sorting out, gaffer tape and a pile of Huggies packs.  So there we have it...eclectic or what..?? And I promise you nothing was deliberately placed there, it all just found its way on there this morning because it was totally clear after last nights class.!!!

So, onto another page from my inky journal.

The backgrounis a combination of Distress inks, Adirondack Dabbers, Adirondack Colourwash, Crafters workshop template and Stampotique background stamps. Everythin else is from my latest download sheets Ephemera 2 range.

Well I,ve got music blasting out from Soul Class 66 which I tend to have on all day long.

In their own words.....

"Soul Class 66 24/7 Online Rhythm & Soul Radio Station playing the Finest in Northern Soul, Latin, Modern, Soul Jazz, R&B and Mod Grooves.
Soul Class 66 has been broadcasting Since June 2007 playing the Best in Lesser Knowns, Classics, Album only Tracks and A&B Sides. also Previously Unreleased CD only Songs.
Currently the Station Now has over 38 Hours of Soulful tunes playing through constant streaming 24/7 for your enjoyment."

I love it, as well as playing some cracking tuuuuuuuunes, it tells you the title, artist, duration of record and, if applicable, which album it is available on..!! Give it a try you just never know you might become hooked..

I,ll leave you with one of my faves at the moment. I just can,t get enough of this, so much so, I had to frikkin go and buy 3 of Betty Wright's albums, lol.

Enjoy xx


Mummylade said...

wow, fantastic art work!

Nancy said...

I often visit your blog for inspirstion and it is great to see you on WOYWW.....I am afraid I am one of the ones that look like a bombsite this week!!

Virginia said...

Ooh Dyan - five work places to go at - I would love that it may prevent the teetering explosion that is my work space today - and more to boot no work going on but I've no idea why - I think someone stole my day and forgot to tell me - I don't know where it's gone but it's gone! Mmmm stampotique stamps I love them, I love the cards you can make with them, I love their quirkiness! You do know Jude is going to want every one of those things with the Union Jack on don't you! Laughed out loud at you giving up the items for display only to sneak back and by duplicates! Love the assortment of food stuffs and drinks you've got going on although mulligatawny and pink champagne seems a little surreal! What's in the All Saints pacakage? If you want to view a gorgeous little number check out the video on my blog at the end - Melanie being giddy on her 30th in - you've guessed it a gorgeous little All Saints number and guess what it's not black - nope it' white! Then to boot she wore it to the Rage Against the Machine concert on Sunday - how Rock and Roll is that!

Kaz said...

There has been so much loveliness to look at on just one post - my one little brain cell can't cope but it was very very happy whilst taking it all in. I would so love to attend Dina's workshop as I am beginning to journal and need soooo much help! xx

olive said...

that took some reading.... loving the the suitcases, trunk and books and of course the artwork...... Ciao

Darcy said...

gawd Dyan so much to look at. 5 tables, yeah i am sure i could easily spread out overe those too lol Loving the union jack stuff, I would have some but OH would take it as a sign that I was supporting the football with him...and I can't be encouraging that lol can't wait to see the lockers in use, I love them. I had the chance to get some but passed them up as I have no space for them. Delicious journal pages as always, yours is always the first stop when I need inspiration.

Helen said...

Welcome along to the madness of WOYWW - you'll fit right in here, lol!!

Jude said...

Okay, cushion smushion - I need me some of them cases!!!

Linda Elbourne said...

Oh My Goodness ... there are long posts and then there are long posts and this is a long post ... so much loveliness included though ... LOVE the cabinets ... LOADS ... love the cases ... LOADS ... LOVE your artwork ... as always... and as for your crafty stash ... let me at it!!!!!

She said...

Great desks! Love, love, love the Graphic 45 "stuff" - gorgeous. My new favourite paper! S xx

Wipso said...

Fab art work.
A x

angeleef said...

Oh my God! Amazing that you've got FIVE workspaces! And that you've got your own studio! It's not my style but I absolutely adore all those creative thoughts and projects you've got lying down there!
** Evi **

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Absolutely gorgeous page from your inky journal Dyan :) The coming workshop looks fab, of course. I'm looking forward to the workshop at the end of June ;-)
Anne xx

flutterbycrafter said...

OMG I love that journal page.

Cheryl said...

wow brilliant art work just love it hugs cheryl xxxxx

Angie said...

What a lot of things going on ...I love the set of 4 that you said you loved creating wonder ...they are stunning. 5 work stations wow are so lucky.

Heather x said...

what a huge craft space you have, lots of room to spread out and fill with goodies :0)
Love the trunk and boxes you bought...don't blame you for getting a second set :0)
*hugs* Heather x

p.s if your blog is moderated you don't need the yucky word varification :0)

Angela Weimer said...

Such lovely creations.... I wish I could make it this weekend but Belle has Dance and a party and (sad face) I will be back in the states visiting dad for the Dina classes. I am so bummed to be missing them again oh well third times a charm right???? Love the lockers and other finds. can't wai to see what you do with the lockers and your creative genious.. Have a wonderful weekend. Angela

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