Saturday, December 26, 2009

The rain in Spain....

Aaaargh, why won't my pics upload..???? Its telling me the site has gone over its quota...Wtf..???
Oh well theres not a lot I can do about it, because I,m off on my jollies in the morning... Yes you heard me correctly, we booked it late last night and we are off.. I will be in Malaga this time tomorrow and away for a whole week. We are taking one of the lap tops with us so if the photos upload, I,ll keep you updated..!!! If anyone can give me advice on the problem, please do.

I had a really nice Christmas Day, even though we were all really dreading it. The girlies came round in the morning and we had a great time with Maisie opening everyones pressies..!! Ben had the hangover from hell, but managed to do a fantastic job of the lunch. Tom actually managed to stay with us all day, he was hilarious. After lunch James, me and the boys all lounged and watched a film, whilst slowly getting sloshed. The lovely Katie came about tea time and the festivities continued. I hope you all had a beaut day as well.

Today was spent trying on bikinis and falling about laughing. I was veering between hilarity and despair, lmao. But we are fully packed and ready to go. So its a quiet night in, in front of the telly. Yayy can,t wait.
Dont forget the shop and studio are closed until the 5th Jan. Yes I am a wonderful boss , aren,t I, lol

Whatever you are up to....

Enjoy xx


Clare with paint in her hair said...

Could it be that you have reached your upload limit? when you click upload on the right on the pick picture box tells you how much storage room you have left, might be it. Otherwise dunno!! Have a good holiday.

Ann said...

Have a super holiday!
Derbyshire Annxx

Manuela Navarro said...

Hello from Spain, beware the storm in Andalucia.
I hope they at least shine a holiday.
About the photos were finished I sbiendo to Picasa and just copied the url of the photo on the blog and that's the problem.
Happy new year!

Jude said...

Have an amazing time - you deserve it!!! xxx

Kirsti said...

Have a great well deserved break in Malaga Dy... Wish I was there!!! Love Kirstix

olive said...

have a great holiday.. what a way to do it, you go girl. Ciao

Traceyr said...

Happy New Year Dyan hope the holiday is fab and you get a well deserved break.

All good wishes for the year ahead.
x x


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