Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Product Highlight...cobwebs stencil

You all know how much I love stencils and I've just released 5 new large and small.
So I thought it might be fun to do highlight a stencil a day, beginning with the cobwebs.

Add Bubblegum Pink paint through the stencil, onto an inked background, using the foam blending tool.

Doodle around design loosely with the Dylusions White Marble paint pen.

 We added one of the sticky back canvas sheets onto the tag, a body from the Passage of time stamp plate and the bird from Always. The tabs at the side were made from the preprinted sticky back canvas fold over the back.

The image was coloured in with the Dylusions ink in the water brushes and then outlined and doodled with the Jet Black paint pen.

 I'll be back with another stencil for you tomorrow

Enjoy xx


stamping sue said...

I really like the cobweb stencils and want both sizes! your sample is gorgeous!
stamping sue

Unknown said...

Amazing and SOOOOOO Inspirational. Thank you! ! !

Pkozak said...

Love the idea of you sharing with us like this.... Thank you..... You are just so darn creative.. Hugs.. 😘🎨🇨🇦

Unknown said...

Love it.

nkjohnston said...

Hi, my wonderful friend.

I mssed you so much this time at Scrappy Chic. Couldn't make it and still feel bad.

Wondering, what width water pen you use for your watercolors that you have made up. I am determined to bite the bullet and get me a set, but I don't want to try a zillion brands, sizes, etc. before getting the expert's advice. And while I'm thinking about it, would it just be cheaper to book a flight to see you at home? I will consider stalking if I have to. (Gee, hope that doesn't sound too creepy, but I think you can take it.)

Hugs. Hope you're having a wonderful summer.


Bev T said...

Knew I would love this one, already ordered. Do the rain next, that one is also flying my way. Great inspiration in your art.

Sandhya Blogger said...

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