Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Canadian Adventure...Part Two

So so sorry that I am so late in blogging my lovely visit to Scrap Addicts, Edmonton. I was really struggling with the wifi where I was, so decided to leave it until I got back to Ranger Headquarters.
If you follow me on the Dylusions face book page, you will have seen all the news already.

Classes were large, average 50 people and so the store decamped to their local hall, which was a fabulous light and airy space to work in. We also had a projector showing what I was doing so there wasn't a bad seat in the house.

Friday night we had a meet and greet. This is a fabulous opportunity for photos and signing books. Just look at the queue! Those Canadians are keen!! At the front of the queue is the lovely Pat and her husband who drove for 11 hrs to come and take the classes. Pretty impressive don't you think??

The lovely Cassandra brought her journal in for me to see. Lots of Dylusions!!

I may or may not have added a little Dylusions quote to the store wall!!!

So first day ready to go. 
Here with the lovely store owners, Cory Lyn and Ivy. 
I made the dress in the hotel room the day before lol.

Day one was all about techniques, inky and painty.

Tired but happy, there was a long line for photos.

Another full classroom for Day Twos shenanigans

The following three photos are from the lovely Matt, my little Dylusions protege !!

Sunday night, 200 students later I was ready to drop

Thank you Edmonton, you were all fabulous, students and hosts. I'll be back xx

Then it was back on the plane, heading to Clipper Street in Langley, Vancouver

Enjoy xx


Pkozak said...

Meeting you and being in your class was beyond exciting! Loved every minute of this experience! To meet and learn from you, well I'd of driven even further! Thank you so much, and see you again Dyan... Hugs!

Unknown said...

I was so excited to take your classes! You have no idea how much your classes meant to me. I am finally willing to start working on my own in my art journal. I have taken so many classes on art journaling, but during the first day of your classes...I had an "a-ha" moment. I finally now realize why I've disliked my pages so much when I try to do them myself. I have always been automatically drawn to opposite colors. Not bad when you are accenting, but not good when you are doing backgrounds. I now can't wait to dive in to the wonderful world of mixed media backgrounds! Loved all your fun classes, and your sense of humor! Can't wait to see you again!

Sandi MacIver said...

wow, looks like a ton of fun, I didn't know you were coming or I would have driven over too, I took your weekend classes in portland 2 years ago and loved them!....come back soon!

Dianne Bailey said...

Thanks for such a lovely weekend, it was fun and educational, I hope your time with us was as great as our time with you
The LORD bless you Dyan

Caroline D. said...

1. Your Canadian tour looks like it was fun for all!
2. Your new dress is awesome!
3. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us and for taking time to post all the great pics!

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