Monday, March 14, 2011

A tour of my studio Pt 1...

Typical..!!!! I have one really good nights sleep to set me up for the rest of the week, which leaves me wide awake at 2 in the morn...I've had a hot bath, warm drink, soothing music, counted sheep, read a book...everything you are supposed to do.


I've now resigned my self and given up.!!

So here I am blogging. At the moment I am snowed under with new workshops, new designs, top secret projects, samples, magazine articles and you name it, I'm stacked out with it. But tonight in the studio, I hit a bit of a wall and sat gazing round. Then it occurred to me that many of you have never seen the place where I do all my creating.  Now I would love to spend hours tidying it all up and making it look posh, but that ain't never going to frikkin happen, not even in a month of Sundays.!! It is actually due for a serious move around (planned in the next month) so without further ado, here it is warts and all. Sorry about the quality of some of the photos, I've misplaced my camera charger and so having to use my iPhone..!!!

You gain access through the shop. The boards on the right are empty of samples, ready to take to the show.

The door to the studio

My collection of mismatched icons..wouldn't you like a turquoise sparkly statue of Our Lady.

Brush storage

lol, I have tons of brushes to store.

and even more...

Painting mediums

stains and colour wash


Stains, Perfect Pearl Mists and Colour wash

Blank notebooks and journals

All my Ranger aprons

Vintage book collection

Inspiration books

The Faraway Tree wall

Recycled Welsh Dresser

which holds samples

My Mad Hatter creations

The way back into the shop


shelves full of 7gypsies

The last customer who asked for a refund...!!

multi medium and Glossy Accents

Gesso, Dylusions paints and Claudine Helmuth Studio Line.


Dylusions spray inks

Tim Holtz stamps

All in number order
Dylusions stamps

Heat tools

Stampotique stamps

Distress pads

gel pens, Karisma pencils, journaling pens

class supplies of ink pads

Kelly Rae girlie

More Kelly Rae and tons of jars

My treasured shelves of knick knacks. My Dad made the shelves for me. And it its a treasure its sat on there.

My beloved Red or Dead wedges.
Perfume, oil pastels, Dyan duck, magnet and Emma Bridgewater mug.

Black halo, postcards, magnet, key ring, Starbucks cards, stone heart, mint tin.

Orla Kiely mug, antique teaspoons, Buddha, wooden dice, back end of a dog...

Buddha, cards, postcards, Tim tag, jar of hopes , angel cards, crystals, tiara

Basket of new idea-ology

New Art Parts

To make samples box

Adirondack dye re inkers

Perfect Pearls

Tool holder

Tea clock

Well that's given you a glimpse into my world, but that's only part of it, I will continue tomorrow with the 2nd half of the tour. There might also be a giveaway, courtesy of Ranger, up for grabs. I only said "might"'ll have to come back to see, won't

Enjoy xx


Lynne said...

Love your studio!! Even with the messiness...a def sign that you're always 'playing'!! It's great to see the shelves that your Dad made!! Very special!!

Contessa Kris said...

Your studio is just yummy. I want to tra-la-la through all the drawers and drag out things to paint and drip ink on. So yum. Can't wait for part 2!

Sarah Louise said...

oh wow Dy, i wouldnt leave the shop for a year. loved your wedge shoes btw, think its about time we had shoe watch again, lol

Kaz said...

Thud!!! That was me fainting.....pass the vapours!! Phew!!! WOW Dyan your creative space is my sort of HEAVEN!! All those nooks and crannys just bulging with paints, inks and all things godly! I just cannot wait to see part 2, thanks for the treat into your special space x

Lisa said...

I was a can't sleeper last night too. Wish I had your studio to mooch around!!! I love your treasures shelves, I've got a mini version, no point in hiding those favourite things away! Thanks for the inspiration x

donnalouiserodgers said...

aw - we are related,


a) we both have too much stuff
b) it is all out on display
c) we keep our favorite shoes on our feet or within eyesight - always one or the other,
d) only a few people could tell you the individual difference each brush can made - and it is not always easy to find the very one your want for the job at hand...and it is not a thing you can talk about to most people because they think it a sign of madness...

hope you keep up the energy levels, even with the early morning insomnia,


Lulabelle said...

WOW! What a place of inspiration!Lots of yummy things in there!
Love the shelves your Dad made, so special!
Can't wait for part 2.

Joy said...

Pass me the smelling salts! I am the colour of your lime pearl!!! Can't wait for the next installment! xx

Charli said...

Oh my goodness, now THAT is what I call a studio!! I think if I had all of that stash and space I would live there!!!

Everything is deceptively organised there, right where it all belongs!

Just fabby - look forward to seeing the rest.... seriously, there's more???!

Take care,
Charli x

olive said...

I covet the T!m Holtz apron!!!!!! and not forgetting the paper mache skulls.. ooohhh It such a while since I visited it looks like you have had a tidy up! fabulous collection Dy, especially the Duck!!! take care. hugs xxx

maggie warke said...

OMG! How many paint brushes?! How do you keep track of it all? Love it want one just like that . Dont want to scare you but if you added up what its all worth!! you might just pass out. Looking forward to the 2nd instalment! :>))

Maggie Warke x

Denise said...

Loved this look into your creative space.I loved the welsh dresser with all the inspiration on it when I visited for Tim's class :-)

Angela Weimer said...

One word....Heaven......Thanks for the tour, Lots of good stuff to drool over. I had to laugh when I got to the customer/refund part...What a hoot. I am really curious with the skull box there....Hmmmm looks interesting. Can't wait for part II. Have a fab day. Angela

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Now THAT is a serious studio....Would I love to be locked in there for a weekend!!!

Siobhan Brignull said...

wowzer... amazing space and the stash has made my skin go slightly green, (ok, a lot green) I spied the skull cant wait to see what happens to that and the paintbrushes(what could we call them a rush of brushes, a feint of paint, here lies magic!!!).
Ok time for the tablets... :)

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Wow what a fabulous creative space, all those wonderful goodies. Oh to have so much storage. Looking forward to part two. Tracy Evans x

Clare with paint in her hair said...

But you missed out your award from last years Harrogate show!!

Unknown said...

I love your studio. What a wonderful space to be creative.

amy said...

Awesome! If I EVER get to go to England, I will have to look you up! Thanks for a glimpse ;)

Chris said...

Oh WOWSA... Aladins cave or what!! What I wouldn't give for a rummage through that lot so although I feel awful for your not being able to sleep... I am glad you couldn't (ducks to avoid being you may not have shared what I can't get to see in person.
Chris xx

Darcy Marshall said...

that's it, I am moving in. I am only little, I could live between the wedges and the dragon.x

Mo said...

What a wonderful, inviting world you've created. It makes me happy to get a look-see and I can't wait for Pt.2. (Though not at the expense of losing zzz's.) I spotted a skull in the sample box - is it one that arrived yesterday? Yes, I'm skeleton-obsessed. Am a nurse - maybe that's it. Love your Dad's shelves - my son is going to build some shelves for my stamps and I'm beyond excited. By the way - doesn't look messy at all.

SueC said...

Whew! Having been there late last year there seems to be a lot more than I remember. How do you know where everything is?
and also
there seems to be a lot of new stuff in amongst the "in use" stuff - How do your students know if they can use things or not???
I have to keep the new stuff well away from my lot otherwise there would be an awful lot of skeletons!!! Lol!

Sue said...

You make me smile TG

Gillian .... said...

Heaven on earth ... the studio, not you being up at that time in the morning lol. If you ever need a helper just shout ... loud mine as I am way way way up north:) Determined to get down to at least one workshop this year that you are taking. Love Buddha's, love Red or Dead wedges, my kinda girl, lmao @ the refund comment, *note to self, don't ask for one*:), I'll have one of everything please. Look forward to part two, sleep tight tonight mrs. x

Anonymous said...

That skeleton! I think I recognise my wife!! I wondered where she'd got to! She's been out for days! :-)

C said...

I happened onto your blog as it was next to mine. Wow! Thanks for the awesome tour. I live in upstate NY, a musician, writer and have leanings toward visual art. But after too many years of playing the starving artist, I am in massage therapy school. If you're ever this direction, drop me an email and I'll show you the artsy places around here. I LOVE working with pearlesents (sp?) Anyway...Best to you.

Kirsten Alicia said...

OMG, please can I move in to your studio, even for a few days, just to play??!! :) :) It really is a treasure trove, thank you for showing us the pics. But maybe you need a few more paintbrushes, there doesn't seem to be that many - NOT!!!! :)

Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs said...

I so love your totally rockin' awesome...

Rhayne said...

The treasured shelves full of treasures just makes me smile :o)

Diana said...

i have been away and only saw this now!! amazing space you have!!

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