Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yes I am still alive..!!!!

Yes I,m here, back in the land of the living..!!! I can't believe its been 2 wks since I last blogged, well actually, I probably can from the amount of hate mail I have received about it, lol...  I,ve been a busy girl though. A week in Chicago demoing at CHA, straight back to teach one of my Art Journal weekends, teaching and sorting all week, and now the Dina Wakley weekend. Phew..!!! I havent had time to draw breath, lol. Heres some highlights from Chicago.

This is the start of Tim's workshop. 100 people all being taught at the same time.

The gorgeous Wendy Vecchi.

This is the project they were making. Nice eh..??

The man himself..

This is the Ranger crew on a night out.

Fromback left.. Mark, Jackie, Patti, Theresa, Debra, Justin.
Front left..Steve, Wendy, Alain and me.

I demoed every morning on Stampers Anonymous and every afternoon on Ranger.

These were 2 gorgeous Senoritas from Spain, who came by both booths every day and got so excited I thought they just might self combust.!!

Two of the Ranger girls, Debra and Theresa

Of course my mate Mario. Love him to bits.

And the usual declaration of love from Tim..!!!

He does really..!

I,ll fill you in on more news tomorrow.

Enjoy xx


Helen said...

Good to have you back!

cockney blonde said...

Nice to have you back Dyan. Thought blogland was quiet, lol, x

Cath said...

good to see you back, you have been missed.......

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Dylan. We are still alive but we keep our fire extinguishers at hand.
See you in U.K. Kisses.

Virginia said...

Ah your back - life getting in the way LOL - such a hectic life at the mo hun - you'll wear yourself out at this rate! Hope you're having a fabulous Dina weekend - hugs to everyone - say hi to Ann, Sandra and Jude for me!


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Great pics Dyn :-) Busy busy busy, but I know you'll have loved every minute
Anne xx

Diane said...

Good to have you back, Dyan!
Diane x

Piddawinkle said...

wow what a life you lead, ordered your new inks yesterday cant wait to get them, I might be just a teeny bit excited, :)

Angela Weimer said...

Looks like a great time. See you when we get back in Sept. Angela

Jeanne Nelson said...

So glad to see you return to blogland! OMG, I was beginning to think this was a long-forgotten blog and I'd never have contact with you again, after just meeting you at CHA. I shot you an FB email (to request your permission to link to you on my blog), and it bounced back at me like you didn't exist, :(, WTF.

I was SOOO inspired by you and your work, having only spent a few demo's with you! I've shared you with others on my blog, and look forward to staying in touch for many, many years . . . until I'm totally senile and can't recall how to sign onto Blogger, ;).

So happy to see your CHA pics! It's OBVIOUS Tim loves ya, lady, ;), as do so many others, I'm sure...including myself, having just met ya! Your sassy attitude and free-spirit are amazingly influential ~~ in fact, you've inspired me, not only in my journaling and art, but also to cut off this bloody long hair I have! If only I can find a hair stylist willing to do so ... quickly ... before I change my mind! Love your short hair style ~~ it SO goes with your free spirit!

Hope you are home safe now, and have some time for rest and renewed creativity! Don't forget us followers whom have no other way to see you ... other than Blogger! Love ya, lady ~~ Jeanne

Mónica said...

hola hola, Nice photo!!!! See you soon!!!
besos desde España, desde la playa!!!

Rhayne said...

Well, I'm glad you enjoyed your time in the US and more glad you're back to making me smile every few days with your undiminishing pool of energy!

olive said...

good to see you yesterday... thanks for all the hard work you put together to make it a great success. all you need to do now is sit down and put your feet up!!!!??? Ciao xxx

Jude said...

Back home a few hours ago - went for a power shop in Harrogate this morning but realised I forgot to get you to tell Paul where the vintage shop - aarrgghh!! Never mind, there's always next time...!!

Had a fabulous time this weekend, so much fun - thanks for having us!! xxxx

Artistgirl's Muse said...

Hi Dyan! Glad to see you're alive and kicking after CHA! It was fabulous getting to know(and love)you! You've inspired me to start an art journal! Hope everything is going great! Much love, Debbie

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