Thursday, March 25, 2010


Can you guess who this is..???

I,ll give you a clue - its not me..lmao

Yup its the most gorgeous granddaughter in the whole world.

Now you all know she is far from a girly girl, favourite colour blue,only plays with boys, owns a digger and a tool set. So I am amazed how her Mum got her into this outfit and managed to get her to pose for pictures as well. Theres got to be some bribery and corruption there...!!!

I have had further dragon news. He is mid flight between Arizona and New Jersey. Not sure if he is flying 1st class or what. Then apparantly he is being taken out for Indian, as I believe he has become rather partial to Chicken Malaya and Poppadoms. Then after a few days at base camp, trotting round the factory, apparantly he is setting off on a road trip. I do hope he is journaling every day, and recording his exploits along the way.
I am not due to fly out before CHA Summer, so I need to step up my efforts at raising the ransom. I have sent a red cross parcel of nYorkshire puddings, gravy and spotted dick and custard. Don,t want them feeding him all that Denny's stuff. He struggles with his weight as it is.....Heres a little reminder of what he looks like in case you happen to spot him.

And here are the suspects

 if you happen upon this dastardly bunch, pleased be warned that they are armed and extremeley dangerous. We have had reports that if approached they will try to blind you by flashing peel offs at you, and bombard you with Nobbys Nuts. The best option is to approach them gently whilst waving a large bar of Cadbury's Dairy milk, and if all else fails, then turn and run.

Enjoy XX

Just received this picture, he is in the Newark area, eyes peeled please.


Darcy said...

LOL I feel your pain, but these kidnap updates are soo funny. Is he sending you postcards?

Lynne said...

LMAO!! Sorry Dyan, it's just too funny!! I can't believe that those 3 fiends took dragon to New Jersey!!! Ugh, poor dragon!!! LMAO!!!!
Is there anything that we can do to help you get him back? Although, the ongoing saga is just too hilarious!!

cockney blonde said...

Wonder if he'll send a postcard, lol, x

Sandra Hall said...

Lovin' it! Oh this blog lark is SO much better than TV!!! You should win an oscar for this comedy/drama/thriller. Now - who's the hero who saves the day and rescues the princess (er dragon)
x x

Virginia said...

Ooh bless Dyan - I hope there keeping a good eye on him and that luggage! I can't believe it - hope the Yorkshire puds reach him soon - so lovely to have such a great post that got me giggling this morning! Thank you

Faerielore said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA I will keep my eyes peeled for the darstedly crew !!!!

Valencia said...

I love this blog they definately look very shady these kidnappers, will you raise the ransom in time.Will he come back changed he may pick up all kinds of habits from this bunch of desperados.If you do get him back after all his globetrotting he may be unhappy to settle for Harrogate and the studio a lot to think about here.

Kaz said...

I really hope he doesn't pick up a nasty accent while he's gone! Do you think a stick of Margate rock will help with the ransom?
I agree that Maisie is just gorgeous especially the pic of her on the bed xxx

Rhayne said...

You know, they're coming up to Framingham next weekend, and I just happen to have plans in that area. I'll have to keep an eye out for a little dragon without any adult supervision!

Lynne said...

Poor dragon!! Have you thought about what he might look like when he gets back? After all, those fiends love to stamp, & ink & distress & grunge up everything!!! Hell, he might be lipstick red with walnut stained edges and have a big black number or philosophy tag on his head!!

Carmen said...

What if *shock. horror* he gets that condition where the captives fall in love with their captors??? Oh noooo! :D :D Loving this post today!

Jude said...

I'm with Sandra - this is way better than some of the stuff on telly...I feel a Bafta/Golden Globe coming on (depending on which side of the Pond the wee fella ends up on...)

Gorgeous Fairy...looks like she belongs at the top of a tree - which she probably climbed herself! xx

Debbie S said...

On a positive point at least your dragon is getting to see the world, spreading his wings and hopefully he learning lots of crafting techniques along the way. LMAO

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